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10 September 2014
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  • Xeos: Still problems with the Pixxx sites? Hopefully it'll be solved soon.
    13 Sep 2014 13:46
  • punisher: Joe u are improving every day...keep up the good work
    11 Sep 2014 09:41
  • Jacketguy: Great! I think I just now figured something out (or not, I could be looking too much into this), but are you adding a little painting (water? oil?) on the eyes, hence the slightly-blurish, mascara-type look? If you are, that's pretty freakin cool seeing as your very first piece on the site was a painting :). Again, I could just be looking too much into it and be completely wrong...
    11 Sep 2014 04:09
  • Kiddo: You've done 2 Mashiro pics so far, and you've done great on them both. The back end of her pussy, and her anus also looks one of your best works yet.
    10 Sep 2014 23:15
  • Xeos: Seeing as her Hollow mask resembles a bee or a hornet, I think "I'll squash you like an insect" would be a suitable title. Yay or Nay guys?
    10 Sep 2014 18:16