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11 July 2014
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  • : Ummm what is going on? Why we haven't see any thing new lately and what about Ellery? ??
    14 Jul 2014 22:29
  • Xeos: It seems you don't understand what constructive criticism is. If it sounds harsh then I'm sorry if you get butthurt by it, but I'm free to express my opinion on each artists pieces of work. All the "Oh god this is so hot!" "Great work Lexus!" Is people expressing their opinion in the form of gratitude, yet I merely suggest my criticism as a suggestion. I don't know if you bother paying attention to the descriptions on some pics, but both Joe and Lexus have clearly said that Suggestions/criti...
    cisms is welcome by all means, so why is that a problem to all of you?
    12 Jul 2014 00:25
  • oturan: to be honest with the shitty work that not only joe but lexus does im surprised there isnt more people talking shit every artist on this site is fucking terrible atlest a good 95% of the pics on this site are shit and thats just how good the pics look in general if we are rating them based on how similar it looks to the anime that would make every pic complete shit not a single one of them looks like the anime mabey the faces look right but other than that its nothing but shit
    11 Jul 2014 22:45
  • Luthor: Because Joe isn't Lexus. Joe is Joe. Xeos and his 'waste of space' questions. This is why Joe has more ratings than Lexus's recent art. Also, why is it always Xeos and Kiddo talking shit? This is getting out of hand.
    11 Jul 2014 22:28
  • Sj: More Mashiro and Lisa.
    11 Jul 2014 21:14
  • Xeos: That pussy isn't very good.... Instead of making them a slim thin line, why not thicken them out like Lexus does, and with a position like this, why not have it spread?
    11 Jul 2014 15:21