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Masaki Needs Milk

Tags: Handjob, Cum, Cumshot, Gangbang, Chad, Foursome, Kurosaki Ichigo, Yasutora Sado, Kurosaki Isshin, Kurosaki Masaki,

18 August 2014
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  • joe: OK, sure. I can do another version. No probs.
    24 Aug 2014 13:38
  • Stewei: This is not the idea that I had given to my request. Here only see Masaki with randoms.
    20 Aug 2014 17:22
  • joe: Yes, it's supposed to be backwards - supposedly on a 69 position.
    20 Aug 2014 08:54
  • joe: No big deal. Though I didn't hear anything from the actual requester about it. If he doesn't like it, then I simply make another one. I don't exactly like drawing dicks if you know what I mean so admittedly that's something I can improve on. Not sure if any other guy or artist spends time drawing detailed dicks but it's something I feel awkward doing really - even at a professional level. Besides, did anyone come here for dicks?! But a job's a job so might as well do it at some point eh?! Thank...
    you guys for your feedbacks though. I'll strictly stick to the request next time.
    20 Aug 2014 08:53
  • shinigami: 2hat happened? This is like a hundred times better than the last one. Way to go.
    19 Aug 2014 16:42
  • Kiddo: Next time, it would be best to follow what the requester suggested. Not what "you thought would have looked better." Because what's the point in someone paying HentaiKey and asking for requests, when then the request that was asked wasn't exactly followed as they wanted? It would be a waste of their money. It's like going to a McDonalds Restaurant, and asking for a "Large Fries" but instead they gave you a "Small Fries" because they thought it would be better for the customer. When, unfortunatel...
    y, it was not. But besides that, great coloring and also love the face. You need to work on how to draw cocks better. They look like limp & plastic dicks.
    19 Aug 2014 06:42
  • Shussy: Agreed to both. Handjobs and a better view would have been better than limp dicks, plus the one in Masaki's hand looks backwards?
    19 Aug 2014 03:16
  • hatake: i think the original double handjob idea sounded better instead of a picture of limp dicks
    19 Aug 2014 02:52
  • HEF: I would have liked a better view of Isshin and Ichigo
    19 Aug 2014 01:51
  • Xeos: The manga style shading under Masaki's neck is a nice touch and the cum is looking better too. The lines on the shoulders stand above the rest of the lines but that's not really a problem. Another 5/5 pic.
    19 Aug 2014 01:16