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Tags: Momo Hinamori, Orihime Inoue, Tobiume, Cowgirl Position, Pov,

7 September 2015
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  • *Deathstroke*: Funny picture i loved Inoue's expression lol. Tobiume breats are real odd and i don't know but her head look unproportinal to her body. Try to fix her breats Lexus them are really odd, small and crooked lol and besides if you look well there's a flaw on her left boob(the one at inoue's side. Usually the breats you draw look beautiful but this one you did not do good no offence...
    8 Sep 2015 17:12
  • Don: ahaha orihimes face in the background xD this little things make your pics really awesome and welcome back
    7 Sep 2015 08:13