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23 July 2015
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  • zbober: Not really interested unless it is in color
    24 Jul 2015 23:48
  • Anon: I really like this style, although a little more shading would a good improvement!
    23 Jul 2015 21:22
  • Don: your manga style looks really good i think you only need to work on your coloring and shading a little bit maybe watch some of ellerys works because his art style was pretty close to yours. lexus on the other hand has a comlete diffrent art style but i would really like to see more manga images from you
    23 Jul 2015 21:16
  • Celto: Eh..Ellery already did an entire series on manga style images and they weren't really paid attention to. Maybe go for Lexus's approach and make color pages in the manga style. http://bleachpixxx.com/2015/07/03/bleach-volume-4-meninas-mcallon-for-breakfast/
    23 Jul 2015 20:55
  • Hydrogen: Oh yes, please! Make a doujinshi or manga. That would be really great. Guess you could combine several requests (for the same pairing) to make a doujin on your own.
    23 Jul 2015 20:49
  • Brad Bish: Interesting and i don't think you guys will enough time for that but well... who knows right. And about my request can you please redirect it to lexus? I wish to see this art drew by him/her hands if you do please let me know. Thanks
    23 Jul 2015 20:12