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Tags: Bleachbabe, Kurotshuchi Nemu, Fuck, Iba Tetsuzaemon, Boob Grab,

4 January 2015
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  • Mystogan: Lmao minervarules and lexus1fan are both the same person (edwardnewgate) stop using multiple names and try to convince other people agree with u.
    13 Jan 2015 09:53
  • Westes: #2 @Lexus1Fan Hm... silly me. I realize now that you have already said most of what I previously wrote. But still, it might actually have something to do with how many requests you get done in total from each site, too.
    7 Jan 2015 14:10
  • Westes: ONLY on Narutopixxx. rex and Darwin are currently trying to solve this problem with old requests. As far as I know, rex had a REALLY hard time sorting out the requests back in 2011, maybe even now. I am not able to completely understand your frustration, but there are many others who have it worse than you. From all the pixxx sites, you have a total of 5(8 if you were once known as "Edwardnewgate") requests fulfilled. Even MinervaRules, who have been complaining for a while now, h...
    as gotten 5 requests fulfilled over at Fairytailpixxx. The reason so many people have to wait on Narutopixxx, is because they request pics with Hinata or any other popular girl, nothing else. They get put in this line which rex and Darwin yet have to organize properly. I'm kinda in the middle with this whole variety thing. Even if I'll never get tired of Hinata, I want to use my money to bring characters that haven't been used(often). I have been a member for 14 months now, and given that each member can make 2 requests per week, I've only made 3 requests with Hinata. I have also made quite a bunch of requests with girls from the top 10 among members, but "only" 2 have been fulfilled (Kurotsuchi and Shizune). Another reason I get so many done, may be because I ONLY(with the exception of 1 here) request on Narutopixxx. So maybe it has something to do with how many requests you get fulfilled in total from each site? I want unused girls to be drawn, but I also want to see more of my favorite ones. wraith is kinda like me. It looks like he requests mostly rare girls, and he's gotten a total of 15 requests fulfilled. Then there's Defuck. That guy has been a member since 2010(don't know if he's ever cancelled then renewed his membership). And he's got 5(+3 from Animepixxx) Hinata requests fulfilled. That's, in a wierd way, a lot! I think he's darn lucky! And how many hasn't gotten their Hinata request fulfilled, let alone a single request? I know I have no right to complain, but I do hope I won't have to wait too long until rex and Darwin fulfill another request from me. It really is a shame that others who request rare girls don't get their requests fulfilled as frequently as me and some other members. It would definitely bring more variety if they got more attention. I hope I didn't come off as a nuisance, and I hope your requests get fulfilled as soon as possible. But I think members who haven't gotten a single request fulfilled takes priority right now. At least on Narutopixxx. Peace!
    7 Jan 2015 14:02
  • Lexus: <strong>Thanks for letting us know! i approved it :) and sure thing! thank you for understanding! ^^
    7 Jan 2015 09:03
  • Pyongwang: I'll repost again now 01/07/2015 it's new i don't mind if you put it in your list to be done on end of this month or next month because i can see there are some older than mine and those people are waiting longer than me, i only ask you don't forget to take it^^
    7 Jan 2015 05:25
  • Lexus: <strong>Alright, it would be helpful if u can repost them :) , if not ill try to dig it up on SPAM.. if it was with im pretty sure its in there, deep deep down there..:( so let me know! thank you!
    7 Jan 2015 02:48
  • Lexus1Fan: Westes you say that because you have TONS of requests fulfilled specially on narutopixxx, i just dont know what fuck you do or if you suck other artists balls to get all your requests done, while many other members need to BEG months to get their requests done IF THEY ARE DONE. Narutopixxx will not change unless they put new artists there, while few member like you are favored with 1-2 requests every month other are treated like invisible member. What MinervaRules said on naruto is true if w...
    erent by us these sites would down a long time ago. So unless the adms bring artists as Claudius, Ferds and Lexus artists who REALLY CARE about the members request narutopixxx remains the same. Im member since 2011 took me about 1 year to rex make my first request, in the same time the other artists made like 5+ requests from me. The only reason i still pay for HK is because of Claudius (my friend in real life), Lexus, Ferds, and a few other movies sites if werent by them i would've left LONG TIME AGO. Because there are many others sites FAR better than these pixxx ones where the members are REALLY treated like a member and not invisible member.
    6 Jan 2015 16:41
  • Pyongwang: A few days ago i tried to post 4 times already
    6 Jan 2015 16:24
  • Lexus: <strong>let me know what date u posted it.. thnks!
    6 Jan 2015 08:20
  • Nyannyan: You're not the only member on this site for all your requests are always made. There are many members who waited months to receive our request, but you must understand that artists do what they can to satisfy the members. I'm a member for a year, and still do because I love the art of Lexus and rex, and want to continue supporting them.
    6 Jan 2015 00:39
  • Westes: You pay for the whole thing. Admittedly, the reason I joined was Narutopixxx, but i also discovered some other great hentai here, too. My external hard drive is now containing loads with pixxx, movies and games from HentaiKey. I encourage any member to explore other HK sites other than the pixxx sites. However, if you plan on downloading hentai movies, you might want to buy an external hard drive like me. It can take up a lot of space. Not just here, but also for other adult sites...
    you subscribe to. Make sure the hard drive includes a password lock ;)
    6 Jan 2015 00:27
  • Jacketguy: Excuse my ignorance since I'm not a member like you (currently) are, but aren't you paying for the whole Hentaikey thing, not just the pixxx sites? Again, I apologize if I don't know what I'm talking about, but I just see comments like these a lot and wondered if you payed for the whole thing or chose which sites you wanted to.
    5 Jan 2015 21:26
  • Erebos: I reposted my request, Lexus-san. Although I can only hope that it will appear on the wall or, at least, in spam box.
    5 Jan 2015 09:28
  • Sasuke -fms-: "Captain and lieutenant" Ah, the old decent stuff...
    5 Jan 2015 00:37
  • Jear: Good pic! Nemu is nice and sexy.
    5 Jan 2015 00:33
  • MinervaRules: Just letting you guys know this is my last month here. No way i'll keep paying month after month like a dumb to see my request done after months, on narutopixxx's case not even made. Hope to see mine here at least...My money is not trash to be wasted on sites like these. And i hope members and no-members read this to see how the things works on naruto and bleach pixxx and do not commit the same mistake i did.
    4 Jan 2015 23:19
  • Pyongwang: My request wasn't show yet i tried to post 3 times already
    4 Jan 2015 23:09