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28 April 2015
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  • Celto: The breasts aren't a big deal, I was just stating my opinion that they should be a bit bigger. The more important things about the image is that it's missing 2 important details. One, even from the pose she's in her pussy would be visible. And also, the ribbon that holds her hair in that cone shape is missing.
    29 Apr 2015 16:30
  • Hydrogen: Bullshit! Just because a women does have children her boobs will not become DD. From what I can find of her, Joe has drawn her boobs quite close to the original. If you have prof, or I missed a picture showing her with bigger breasts link it. I don't get why many people think that a Mother always has to have huge breasts...
    29 Apr 2015 15:44
  • : Really like the shading on this one
    29 Apr 2015 13:02
  • Celto: Considering she's a MILF who's had children, her breasts should be a lot bigger then how you've drawn them. I know she's not that flat from the manga. Just my 2 cents.
    29 Apr 2015 11:56
  • newuser9965: Sorry to say Joe but this one does not look good my friend, compared to others...Her breast are too small, arms and neck are skinny plus not proportional to her face, them look like a teenager body :x. By the way where is her pussy? :x...
    29 Apr 2015 01:24
  • Haku: I have no idea who she is but it looks pretty awesome!
    28 Apr 2015 22:04
  • Celto: Considering she's a MILF who's had children, you would of thought her breasts would be considerably bigger. Also you forgot to draw her pussy and asshole which would both be visible even from this angle.
    28 Apr 2015 18:53