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Isane's True Desire

Tags: Isane Kotetsu, Kurosaki Ichigo, Reverse Doggy Style,

7 September 2016
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  • animeseven: I think I wrong on position's name, maybe would be a reverse piledrive, as Ichigo should be on the couch, but its ok you did a great work Joe!!
    8 Sep 2016 19:43
  • joe: LOL! Well, until further notice from the admin I guess I'll be staying here for a while. Much as I'd like to go to fanpixxx, this site needs some activity since most of the requests I did from the past weeks were on fanpixxx. I will go back to fanpixxx after some time. Not sure when though.
    8 Sep 2016 19:20
  • joe: You are welcome. I honestly did not know what position you were referring to so it took me some time to do it. Glad you liked it.
    8 Sep 2016 19:17
  • joe: LOL! I kinda hid that part. But we're not after that, are we?
    8 Sep 2016 19:16
  • Shussy: Ichigo's invisible asshole
    8 Sep 2016 03:00
  • animeseven: Thanks Joe! The position is a little different than I imagined,but I liked the result!! Thanks again!!!
    7 Sep 2016 18:35
  • Thobias: Isane has been pretty popular lately :)
    7 Sep 2016 16:17
  • Westes: Haha, looks awkward as hell! So hey, Joe. Where will you be in October? Bleach, Fanpixxx or both? Will you start on Halloween/costume requests at the beginning of October?
    7 Sep 2016 15:01