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I'm Hueco Mundo king

Tags: Barragan, Tier Harribel,

21 May 2014
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  • joe: It was a request. Can't help it. We don't want to 'not draw' anything that we don't prefer. Fairness and all. As what we aim for: we do as much request as we can without any biases.
    21 May 2014 17:26
  • joe: Don't know what you're talking about. Don't know any 'Ferds' so the answer to your question is: No.
    21 May 2014 17:23
  • Kiddo: Joe, are you and Ferds blood-related? Cause that would explain allot.
    21 May 2014 13:40
  • random: no old people. Harribel is still good, but no old people...
    21 May 2014 05:01