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Tags: Bleachbabe, Bondage, Ichigo Kurosaki, Kurosaki Ichigo, Nozomi Kujō, Birthday,

18 July 2015
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  • WakeUpKiva: Happy birthday in japanese
    19 Jul 2015 10:31
  • : Maybe as a compromise in case anyone doesn't like the idea of guy pin ups you could also draw a nude girl with them? It might be a little extra work so it's understandable if it seems pointless but that way the girls get what they want too and nobody can really complain
    19 Jul 2015 08:12
  • Erebos: Very interesting idea! By the way, what does Nozomi's phrase mean?
    19 Jul 2015 07:46
  • Lexus: <strong>aye no worries!
    19 Jul 2015 06:33
  • Lexus: <strong>ah yes you're right :) and yup i saw your request no worries!
    19 Jul 2015 06:23
  • Westes: Yes, of course. I didn't mean to imply you guys aren't busy as well. Just happy to see this concept/theme might become a thing here.
    19 Jul 2015 05:52
  • Mary Ann: Good knowing I'm not the only one girl here :P..though i like girls too :P
    19 Jul 2015 04:27
  • Shussy: Sounds good to me! Just cause a majority are males doesn't mean girls should be left out all the time ;) And I hate to bother, but just want to make sure you got my requests or if I should resend them? Thank you!
    19 Jul 2015 04:00
  • Hihiro: Good to know Lexus!
    19 Jul 2015 03:48
  • Guarleon: oh my god.... but I like it hahaha lol
    19 Jul 2015 02:55
  • Don: yep harribel is juli 25 nice! sad but most of the awesome girls already had their birthday ;( Nelliel April 24 Riruka April 14 Unohana April 21 Bambietta April 9 Yoruichi January 1 Loly January 27 Rukia January 14 strange that most of them have in april or january, just an idea - maybe a big group pic with all birthday chics of the month?^^
    19 Jul 2015 02:10
  • Lexus: <strong>i think haribel is this month, and yorucichi will be on Jan 1 XD i looked it up on bleach wiki..not sure for bambi though...
    19 Jul 2015 01:21
  • Lexus: <strong>we'll see what we can cook up in the future ^^
    19 Jul 2015 01:19
  • Lexus: <strong>We are busy as well, so they might come a time where there are more than one character with birthdays on a pic if we ever skipped them and their bdays and they are on the same month, or just skip a character completely. This is just something we are testing out if members will be okay with the idea :) Most of the time i guess the male characters would get a lapdance or something XD our boss says we can draw male characters as service for female members/viewers IF requested..although occ...
    asionally since most members here would prefer them chicks :)
    19 Jul 2015 01:18
  • Lexus: <strong>oh yeah you're right, Senna wasn't on the birthday list! Thanks for letting us know XD that would be a nice reference :)
    19 Jul 2015 01:12
  • WakeUpKiva: Bleach Birthday Chicks! I will enjoy this series! Just a notification, I researched all the girls' birthday, except Senna doesn't have one. How about having her birthday on December 16, the same as Memories of Nobody release date? Is that a good idea Lexus and Joe?
    19 Jul 2015 00:55
  • Westes: Wow, I actually suggested this idea a long time ago over at Narutopixxx. Unfortunately, it didn't happen for obvious reasons (busy, busy). Really happy to see this here, though! And because I think female viewers here deserve some service as well, give the birthday girls a handsome guy(s) as a "present" :)
    18 Jul 2015 23:10
  • Shussy: I wouldn't mind a sexy Ichigo present haha Maybe the girls will get hot guys wrapped up for their Bdays? Can't wait to see :)
    18 Jul 2015 21:13
  • Don: awesome idea lexus! hmpf when is harribels, yourichis and bambietas bday? can't wait to see a red birthday band on that big tits^^
    18 Jul 2015 20:57