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Hiyori Knows How to Seduce

Tags: Sarugaki Hiyori, Halloween, Crossovers, Costumes, Crossover,

14 October 2015
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  • Pain-Sama: Shinji is not the only one who had to laugh ^^ Great pic and funny idea!
    19 Oct 2015 22:59
  • Don: some news about whats going on with bleach, sailormoon, fairytail pixxx would be nice. There is a really big lack of updates latetly ;(
    17 Oct 2015 19:32
  • G90: 1: This is one of my favorite games, so I confirmed that it was great and would recommend it. 2: This is not a PS3 exclusive, so you can buy a X360 version.
    16 Oct 2015 09:09
  • Anal fan: Ho God this is AMAZING! You should do more Hiyori with that dress, maybe on a gangbang. There's not enough anal with Hiyori. PLEASE CONSIDER IT!
    15 Oct 2015 00:44
  • Westes: I've heard about that game, too. Never owned a PS3, though :[ I think Hirako Shinji would burst laughing if he saw Hiyori like this XD Good pic.
    14 Oct 2015 22:01