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Tags: Kuchiki Rukia, Threesome, Homura, Shizuku, Reverse Blowjob,

13 May 2014
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  • joe: That's weird, 'cause there's a number of people here who wants their pictures closely drawn to how Kubo does his characters. In any case, I guess the remedy to that will come over time.
    14 May 2014 18:16
  • joe: Gee, I'd love to see your work to see what you're talking about. :)
    14 May 2014 17:47
  • joe: Thanks for the input. I'll see what I can do about that.
    14 May 2014 17:45
  • Kiddo: It seems you have yet to understand what BleachPiXXX is all about. It's not about what Kubo likes. Heck, it's not even about what you like! It's about the people. And what the people don't like is how you continue to be very inconsistent with drawing heads - due to head anatomy, lack of character references, or just the simple fact that you lack the talent to make the face character look pleasurable. Joe, there are many things I would like to say about your abilities, but unfortunately I already...
    know you are trying to improve your skills, so I'll cut you some major slack. But let me say something very insightful that admins of this site wouldn't have the balls to say at all: before you submit a new image to this site, look at the image as a whole and try to think to yourself, "Does this image look worthy enough for me to fap my big hard cock to it?" If your mind tells you the REAL truth, then you should know that there is something MAJORLY wrong that you need to fix before submitting an image. Just my 2 cents. I'm an artist, so I know what I'm talking about.
    14 May 2014 13:15
  • joe: Really? I really thought his chin was supposed to be drawn that way - very pointy. That's how it was drawn in the movie. But, I'll do something about that next time, thanks.
    14 May 2014 02:10
  • joe: OK. I'll take note of that next time.
    14 May 2014 02:09
  • joe: Hahaha. That's not a problem. Yeah, there could have been a better ending other than killing the two of them. Glad you liked it.
    14 May 2014 02:08
  • joe: It's because he's the tallest of the three. It probably isn't immediately obvious as the lower part of his legs are not in the picture.
    14 May 2014 02:06
  • joe: OK. I thought Kubo likes his characters with pointy chins, but I'll do something about that.
    14 May 2014 02:05
  • Shussy: Chins do look a bit pointy, and the blush needs to be toned down. But the colors and proportions are drawn nicely! :)
    13 May 2014 21:32
  • Kiddo: It's probably Shizuku's chin. His face does seem a bit too big or long in this pic. But it still looks okay.
    13 May 2014 19:21
  • BigOtaku2118: I agree with you wholeheartedly that the ending of Fade To Black made me sad. I understand they had to not bring them into canon, but killing them off... If they kept those doll-things after that annoying Bount arc (the only shining points of which were seeing Yoshi and Yosino), they could've at least had Homura and Shizuku live and sent to someplace to live a normal (after)life... Sorry for the long comment, Joe, but I love the art, and the story/reason behind it. Keep up the great work!
    13 May 2014 18:14
  • HEF: Joe, I think you are using too many white lines to make that kind of liquid in the genital area, that makes the drawing loses logical
    13 May 2014 18:13
  • Theone22: Shizuku's chin
    13 May 2014 17:11
  • joe: who's chin?
    13 May 2014 16:51
  • Theone22: I don't know if it's just me but the chin looks wierd to me
    13 May 2014 16:26