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Tags: Dildo, Lisa Yadomaru, Lesbian, Honsho Chizuru, Masturbate, Anal Beads, Sex Toys,

22 September 2015
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  • legacy: If you really do want to make the switch to Fairy Tail Pixxx, I'm sure the admins would be more than willing to put you over there if you asked them. After all, with ferds not posting anything the site is dead so you'd probably have more of a chance.
    26 Sep 2015 18:36
  • joe: I really wouldn't mind if that happens - I'd love to give Fairytail a spin (and I'm sure Lexus does too. Hahaha!). Kubo's styles and characters never really did agree with me, and the other way around too. And it would be a welcome breath of fresh air. Who knows, maybe that would happen. IDK.
    23 Sep 2015 12:14
  • joe: I would if the request wasn't "addressed to Joe". I'm sure you understand the concept of 'requests'.
    23 Sep 2015 12:10
  • Soki: Joe is actually good at drawing Fairy Tail, so he should go there. However, even if 85% goes to Lexus, it seems a majority of pics posted are from Joe.
    23 Sep 2015 02:24
  • legacy: I see where you and everyone else is coming from, but playing favoritism isn't fair. Out of the 300+ requests that they have stockpiled over 85% of them go to Lexus. What's left is barely enough for Joe to work with and in that sense, he'd be put to better use on another Pixxx site. If Ellery could maintain the site by herself, I feel that Lexus could as well. Joe's talents would be put to better use on another Pixxx site.
    22 Sep 2015 13:17
  • Soki: Leave the lesbian pics to Lexus
    22 Sep 2015 11:02