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20 July 2014
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  • Hydrogen: I didn't actually liked her but how Kubo killed off again! a character was just bullshit. So many characters got killed by their comrades for hilarious or nonsense reasons. And now in the current chapter she's shown as a cockhungry slut. But well, lots of dead characters appeared and I wouldn't be surprised to even see Unohana return...
    23 Jul 2014 20:33
  • Kiddo: Different hairstyles and also different body types. I respect your opinion, but maybe you need new eye-contacts.
    22 Jul 2014 04:02
  • hansi: Please more from this. A Flag in the backround and various hot girls in the picture.
    21 Jul 2014 19:39
  • KenpachiKills: This is now my new favorite Joe's Pic without a single doubt!
    21 Jul 2014 17:52
  • Kyuubi: How about a Threesome between Ichigo, Candice and Meninas? Since we are on the theme of Quincy girls.
    21 Jul 2014 04:48
  • hatake: I really liked Bambi. and was really pissed off that Kubo killed her off in a really fucked up way
    21 Jul 2014 00:14
  • Xeos: Anyone else agree with me that she looks more like Unagiya more then Bambietta?
    20 Jul 2014 16:05
  • GodOfPeace: I think she's lovely and the pic's pretty good overall, but her bust should be definitely bigger. She's nearly flat chested here.:[
    20 Jul 2014 12:39
  • Ichimaru the fox: I would fuck her into next week
    20 Jul 2014 06:51
  • shinigami: Bambietta looks too young in this, as did Candice look too old.
    20 Jul 2014 06:44