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Tags: Bleachbabe, Hardfuck, Franceska Mila Rose, Dordoni Alessandro,

30 December 2014
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  • : NARUTO
    31 Mar 2015 10:35
  • Erebos: Thanks, Lexus-san. Haineko request was the last one that appeared on the wall and Joe-san already did it. As for missing request... Maybe I will try to repost it some time later.
    4 Jan 2015 13:09
  • Lexus: <strong>I saw the one from october though.. with haineko, was that it? we didnt see any posts from you on december sadly..if that wasnt it.. u can repost if u want, and let us know right away here! thank you
    3 Jan 2015 23:56
  • Erebos: It was on December 23, if I remember correctly.
    3 Jan 2015 10:43
  • Don: here is the repost as said, hope you can see it this time, i decreased the links from 4 to 2 so maybe this will work crossover for lexus: here is the repost of my request since it got missing ;) could you do Harribel cosplaying Esdeath from akame ga kill and riding ichigo in this position http://picload.org/view/clgllld/asf.jpg.html i couldn't find a better picture of this pose so pls just copy the pose and not the other stuff of the image^^ and here are some esdeath pics http://gelbooru.c...
    3 Jan 2015 04:51
  • Lexus: <strong>sure thing! when was it posted?
    3 Jan 2015 04:32
  • Erebos: Sorry for asking, Lexus-san, but could you search for my request as well? I would really like it to be done sometime.
    31 Dec 2014 17:32
  • GoP: Just amazing, I love how you draw the ebony ladies, I only wish you'd draw Jackie as well sometime!
    31 Dec 2014 13:04
  • Lexus: <strong>ah NP! I'd love to do the halloween request, even if its not halloween no biggie, a request is still a request! u can even request santa in july XD once u post it ill check right away.. i as long as it is on the guestwall its gonna be there on queue! ^^
    31 Dec 2014 02:03
  • Don: ok thank you very much for your explanation and your time do you still want to do the halloween request or have i wait till next year?^^ and if yes can i post it here in the comments?
    30 Dec 2014 23:48
  • Lexus: <strong>I'm not exactly sure how it works, cause the programmer is the one handling those code things.. We had a convo about the issue once..because we had a new programmer recently, the previous guy might have put a lot of Spammers IPs to go straight to spam.. again, not sure how that works, at all, since i can still see ur comments but your requests sometimes goes into SPAM..so yeah maybe putting a LOT of links or posting it multiple times could also put it in SPAM. about ur request, i only...
    saw the xmas one and approved it.. the halloween i haven't found yet in the spam cause it now has 7k spams..:(
    30 Dec 2014 23:35
  • Don: what about my request? btw is their some kind of rule which requests go to the spam box an which not? i used 2-3 links in the request so maybe it is the reason why it always went straight to th spam box
    30 Dec 2014 22:44
  • Lexus: <strong>comments are pre-approved, so if ever ur message aren't shown right away it's either moderators/me or joe, aren't logged in yet (we're not always online 24/7 we have other things to do) OR again..it went straight to the SPAM BOX .. It happens a lot cause there are a LOT of spammers in this site.
    30 Dec 2014 21:19
  • Lexus: <strong>when did u send the comment? as for the requests..i already saw it on the spam box, i'll approve it once u confirm that u still want it so it will show up in the guest wall.. cause u made it clear that u are leaving the last time i wasnt sure.
    30 Dec 2014 21:16
  • MinervaRules: Great not even my comments are shown now...
    30 Dec 2014 20:31
  • MinervaRules: Lexus do you have a email i can send you my update request? because for some reason the site is not showing my comments as well my requests. Appreciate if you reply.
    30 Dec 2014 18:25
  • Erebos: Your artworks are excellent as usual, Lexus-san! Have a Happy New Year!
    30 Dec 2014 17:21
  • Si-Chan: Interracial! Nice one
    30 Dec 2014 11:12