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Chicks' Sandwich

Tags: Dildo, Matsumoto Rangiku, Lesbian, Threesome, Strap On Dildo, Strap On, Shihouin Yoruichi, Orihime Inoue,

13 January 2015
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  • Lexus and Ellery fan: No lately, only from the beginning... Ellery pleasea comeback :( Lexus and Ellery it would have been great pair :)
    14 Jan 2015 17:08
  • Celto: Don't take this as a negative comment, but your art looks a little weird lately.. What I mean by this, is that there is a lot more detail and care taken when you draw the heads, compared to the rest of their body's. It's clearly evident in this picture because the heads are starting to look more and more like the way Lexus colors and shades them, yet the body's look the same as you'd always draw/color/shade them. I don't know if your art style is rapidly getting better, or if it's just my...
    take on things, but if means that you finish less images because you spend more time improving the quality on them, then that's a good way to go about it.
    13 Jan 2015 22:50