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Tags: Lisa Yadomaru, Ise Nanao, Threesome, Kyouraku Shunsui, Scissoring,

10 May 2014
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  • Yoruichilover: I wouldn't really call this a spoiler since the anime stopped a long time ago with the 366th episode and since there is no anime I doubt that people would wait years for it. I bet they changed their minds and some of themare most likely reading the manga. So your anger is meaningless. There's no such thing as a spoiler now thanks to the pausing of the anime. It's not my or lexus's problem that you didn't catch up with the manga yet .
    15 May 2014 05:02
  • Lexus: <strong> So I was told -__- i wasn't aware TBH. so sorry bout that.
    11 May 2014 18:34
  • Lexus: <strong> eep! I seriously have no IDEA this is a SPOILER, i don't read or watch bleach as of now, and the title was given by the person who requested it so I wouldv'e assumed everybody knows it already =__=. but thanks, i will change the title.
    11 May 2014 18:31
  • Lowi: Seriously? Why spoil this shit? you could have at least thought about people who haven't got that for in the manga or even the people who have only seen the anime. This is a HUGE spoiler...
    11 May 2014 17:51
  • : Nice! Make nanao picture again
    11 May 2014 12:58
  • Zarak: I was disappointed when shinsui got the job in the manga, it's seriously biased imo. but your art makes me forget about it and enjoy it!
    10 May 2014 18:22
  • Kui: That's a bit of a spoiler... -.-
    10 May 2014 18:02
  • Captain: Nice!!!
    10 May 2014 17:10