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10 February 2017
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  • joe: I would say it's already functional but there may be a few things here and there that needs to be corrected as we go on. As with Karazu, I'm really not sure what's going on with that. But all Pixxx sites are here to stay, for sure. :)
    17 Feb 2017 04:23
  • joe: LOL! Don't be crazy. It's completely fine with me. Members do have the right to know what's going on and to voice out their concerns, after all. As with further details with the new system, at the moment that's all the info I have so far. I guess we'll all know more soon. As with your requests, I'll see how soon I can do that. Cheers!
    17 Feb 2017 04:20
  • Tyrion: I have only one question to you; Does this the new better the suggestion box on FPixxx already working or just testing and there have no sense to make requests there ? You may call me the pessimist but Karazu didn't made any fresh update on Fpixxx durring a three weeks and now the suggestion box is not working there, seems like FP truly dying, right ?
    16 Feb 2017 17:26
  • Phllbrun: Hey Joe, thanks again for your time. I did want to say that I like the idea of one pool for the artists to help with confusion. Does this mean that each member gets one request per artist per month in the new system? Or will it still be based on the site as well? I am still a bit confused as to the que, but its alright. I will ask with an example so maybe I can understand. Sorry for all the trouble. Recently, the member Konichiva got two requests done pretty close to each other, within 2 week...
    s. I got my Halloween one done in November, and that was the last one that you had done for me (on either site). In the que I put in that holiday request a few days earlier than the other member, but got missed. Then the one from the other day was finished, but that one was much older. I have no problem with this, and I am not trying to start trouble with anyone. Is that because one was holiday based and the other not? If a member comes up in the que on BleachPixxx, and then you move to FanPixxx and it is their turn there too do you do both? As far as requests labelled with holidays it looks like some members that requested after got theirs done, and before. I am not trying to call you out or the fellow member, just trying to understand is all. The Valentines request I was referring to the one on this site this time btw, we talked about the FanPixxx (FFXIII) request before. I made a Valentines request last night that with more details in the suggest box, I forgot to mention to change the title and background though! Don't know what to call it now. Thanks for your patience with me, and keep up the great work! Soon I will go back to not saying much anymore, I promise! :P
    16 Feb 2017 03:33
  • joe: No probs. I didn't actually skip YOU per se since I haven't done a request from you lately. I guess you could say I missed the opportunity to create your holiday-theme request but you as a member haven't been skipped (did that make sense?). So I guess you weren't skipped, it was just delayed since I won't be on FPixxx for the time being. When I get back, I normally resume where I stopped on the request list. And that's why the proposed new request box is ideal for us artist - we won't be needing...
    to pause our workload from one site while we work on another. I think I saw your request when I was on FPixxx (FFXIII, right?) but since I got swooped from to Npixxx a while back, I guess I didn't have time to do all the holiday themed stuff on FPixxx. I can still do WHICHEVER ONE of the requests you put in when it's your turn on my list - it still counts as one request after all. When a member has multiple requests and it's their turn on the list, an artist can choose any from those. So the 'chronological' thing is not with the member's request, it's with the actual member. Once an artist is done with your request, it takes a while for the artist to circle back to you.
    16 Feb 2017 00:03
  • Phllbrun: Thanks for getting back to me Joe, sorry for all that text and stuff. I appreciate your explanation of the way things work, and feel better for now. Some of this information would be great to have posted ahead of time so members are less confused (could be just me though, haha). Only one question I did not see, am I requesting too frequently? I want to know so I can slow down if I need to, normally I try to wait a month and a few days between new requests. Really appreciate you getting ba...
    ck with me. Back to business though, since my holiday request for December got skipped, please just change the theme to fit Valentines. Remove outfits and instead of cookies and milk use chocolate instead, maybe on the girls too! Thanks again. :)
    15 Feb 2017 08:59
  • joe: Hey phllbrun, To answer your question, I'm not really sure. It really depends on the situation and what the admin wants my main-stay site to be - I was first hired as a BPixxx artist and at this point, I still am and will remain to be in until the need arises for me to change my MAIN site. We've been allowed to go multi-site since last year so what you've been seeing is not really news to us at all. Take note that we have the freedom to go to other sites ONLY on certain conditions though - an...
    d that is not leaving our main blog unattended for too long as the primary condition. Me alternating between FPixxx and BPixxx and not any other site is in some part a personal choice because BPixxx is my main site, and FPixxx offers more variety. Didn't bother going to NPixxx before as Rex and Darwin seems to have that site doing well and members like what they do. Overall though, the admin decides where we should be (with a few limited liberties, of course). It's not that bad - it's to keep all the sites balanced as best we could, of course. The amount of request for any one artist on each site is also a factor to consider. If the amount of request piles up for an artist on one site, it takes priority but only if the site the artist is going to leave temporarily has another artist to take up the slack. BUT The admin recognizes a few holes (such as the one a few members have been mentioning recently) on how requests are being handled and are slowly working on a way to fix those holes. That's probably why you're seeing a few changes on how requests are being done (on fanpixxx, at least, for now). The idea is - members can put in their request on ANY pixxx site and that request will be pooled in one unified request box for all sites. This gets rid of the artists having to need to log-in to each individual site to check on requests for them on that particular site as it causes unnecessary confusion (for us). With a unified request pool, artists don't have to go to every site and just get the request from one place and after doing it, they can post it on its respective site. So yeah, any member can choose any artist they like to do their request in whatever anime they want. At least, that's the goal (something that's exciting to me personally). Take note though that the changes will take a while as there are a few things they're still testing out. That's normally how transitions are, after all. We admit it's not a perfect system yet, but we're working to make it so. If I were to be asked to choose though, honestly I would choose Npixxx as the style seems to agree more to me than any other site. I've recently been binging Bleach though and I'm starting to slowly like it more. I hope I've been able to answer most if not all your questions so far. Cheers!
    15 Feb 2017 06:51
  • Phllbrun: Hey Joe, its me again, sorry for more complaints ahead of time. Wall of text incoming. Are you planning to leave this site? It seems like you really want to based on your posts on narutopixxx. I would just like to know so I can make my decision about subbing here. At first the idea of artists floating to different sites sounded nice, but at this point I am just tired of it. Lexus has been gone for months with no word on coming back except for "soon"(Lexus finally said that on FTPixxx just...
    the other day). The idea of artists moving about really only works if there are enough to at least have one per site, and if they communicate a more clear time frame (to be fair to you, you do that, but not others) so that a blog does not get ignored; OR if they are pulling requests from one pool so customers are (maybe?) waiting less time. Poor One Piece fans have been ignored for months too. Right now I can make requests on multiple sites for several artists, but due to artist rotation it can take quite some time as it takes me 5 minutes to make a request but the work to make it takes waaaaay more time (understandably so). Multiply that problem by the number of members and one can see how the que gets so long. I hate to also ask about this, but why are requests not being done chronologically? Have I requested too often or something? Just wondering why recently it feels like I have been getting skipped in the que, first over on FanPixxx and now here. Also, what is happening with requests over there? The form seems broken still with no word from the admins. I apologize if this seems like an attack, I just don't like spending money if I am not getting what I want. Until recently I was pretty satisfied with stuff, but things have slowed down quite a bit. As evidence, compare dates on requests between the sites to see for yourself. Naruto is quite active compared to others recently. This is not your fault, and you end up hearing about it because you actually respond, which I really appreciate. Unfortunately, despite your communication, being told that people are aware of problems but not seeing much done, or even a plan, gets annoying after awhile. Really this is the kind of post an admin should be responding to, so you artists can focus on your work. I know creating this stuff takes a lot of time, work, and skill but I think until now I have been pretty quiet and understanding (as someone who has been a member for awhile). Thanks for your time, don't hate me too much please. TLDR: Are you planning on leaving BleachPixxx (you seem to want to)? Where are the admins and what is going on on FanPixxx? Maybe artists rotating is a bad idea since some sites get no updates for quite awhile (see OnePiece, a site I don't care about but still). Communicate! (This is for the admins, not Joe)
    15 Feb 2017 03:05
  • joe: Thanks!
    11 Feb 2017 08:48
  • kumekazu: This one is hot. Good job Joe. I have to say this,the new guy on Naruto Pixxx(i think his nickname is Kido) is so bad.
    10 Feb 2017 22:27