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6 November 2015
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  • Westes: I guess I should also mention I realize that I somewhat try to force my ideals onto others. But I feel kinda committed to do so, because when people respond to me mostly out of pure negativity, it's like they're trying to force THEIR ideals and logic onto me without being willing to try and find a middle ground. They may feel like they're being attacked when I(we) like something they don't, and dislike something they do like. That's not the case at all! Praise over a character or things that...
    are not purely evil and negative like harassment or murder (I can't believe I'm explaining it like this), is something people should be allowed to do as much as they'd like. You can only bitch and complain about stuff so much until you sound like a complete asshole, and potentially make people question and ask what makes you think the way you think. Like, I don't understand why some find Tsunade sexually attractive when it's been stated by both Jiraiya and Naruto more than once that her current beauty is fake. The moment her chakra is too low, she reverts back to her original state. The same with Naruko. You're basically doing a dude. For straight guys who think like me, it just doesn't work for us. I highly value truth and facts, and that's probably why I can't look past Tsunade and Naruko's original forms and incest, despite it just being fiction. And that's fine. I'll just leave it at that. Good for them if they like those things. However, I, like some others, have tried in different ways to explain to others: "You've been complaining about Hinata or who/whatever a lot of times now. It's enough, we understand". We know we can't simply change their minds. We know that! ...But we do know what kind of world we're living in. Imperfect, if you will. And we wish to not be reminded that there are jerks like them existing, especially not in a fandom of a series we like/love. It's only human to be affected by our emotions and instincts. But the moment we give ourselves in to them, we're no different from wild animals. Then, we're either friends, or foes.
    11 Nov 2015 18:00
  • Westes: I'll try to do better. I guess the best thing to do is not open/look at the comment sections, but my mind is WAY too curious. I'm "unfortunately" not one who easily forgets. I forgive, but I don't forget. I'm still young, though. I mean, I barely entered my 20s, but I feel old, and I don't think that's a good sign, lol.
    11 Nov 2015 17:05
  • joe: Wow, bro...didn't know that. That's deep. Thanks for sharing. I'm not gonna say "I'm sorry" but I am gonna say "I can empathize" with most of what you've said. Everyone has their own battles of anxiety and/depression at different levels at different times in their lives. And I guess that's exactly the point - in the web (and probably in real life too), people can attack anyone negatively because they just don't have any idea of who you are. As long as they feel antagonized, they are gonna respon...
    d negatively. I admit I do at times. It's entirely because you are not on the same page or you don't really know who you are talking to. Unless a person gets a deeper understanding of someone, something, etc., there is a high probability that they won't synchronize with it. It is true that people can hate/fear/disregard anything that they don't understand. It's not ideal, but reality is not everyone is nice. And if they can't be that without anyone telling them to be, then I don't really know. Hahaha! Unless people know where you're coming from, they really won't understand. Unless they're actual jerks who don't really care. If that's the case, then just don't let it get to you. It will never affect your life directly anyway.
    11 Nov 2015 15:03
  • Westes: Thanks. It really helps when someone listens. I kinda dug myself a hole when I started to frequently point out some people's ridiculous behavior over at Narutopixxx, mostly regarding poeple's constant complaints about Hinata being heavily requested and the harassment they dish out to those who simply compliment her. It's like... they speak as if our money should only be spent on what THEY want. Now, everytime I give constructive criticism, my comments get thumbed down to hell. And that's...
    pretty much only me, 'cause whenever someone else does so, they get positive feedback. So it's pretty clear people just don't like me. This wouldn't really have bothered me so much if, mainly Rex, listened and corrected his mistakes. Recently, he drew Tsunade in her 50s when the requester asked for her younger version, and Sakura's mouth isn't even colored in one her Halloween pics, thus making the thumbs-downs kinda represent my voice falling on deaf ears. Rex still hasn't fixed them, btw. I'm sad to say I suspect he's completely ignoring the comments right now. I can't really blame him, but he's still a professional! In turn, these events have made me act more negative and upset towards others on Narutopixxx. It also hurts whenever I make a humble and mild response to negative feedback, only to get more bitterness thrown at me. I remember I made an analogy in hopes that they would reflect upon themselves and realize that their behavior is far from cool and mature: It's like watching a spoiled brat crying over getting a bottle of water instead of ice cream on a hot summer day. Sure, the water isn't as tasty as the ice cream, but it's still SOMETHING that will help you keep cool and hydrated. I traveled a lot with my family to hot countries, mostly in Asia, when I was a kid, and water was something I could always appreciate, even if there was juice or soda that could be bought nearby. In some of the countries, I witnessed a lot of poverty, but it didn't affect me at all back then, 'cause I was still young and ignorant. I'm not rich, but I'm able to live comfortably. Even so, I have been through a lot of psychological suffering through my life. My parents got divorced when I was 9, and started to hate each other as time went by, and they didn't realize the things they did because of the other were affecting me and my sisters. Let's just say there were yelling and tears at least twice a month. My high expectations of myself brought me down psychologically and academically as well. I barely scored above average when I graduated from middle school, but things got a lot worse in high school. I'm 20 now and have a job, but I'm still not sure which career path I should take. My future and past still haunt me many times when I sleep, so a lot of my 8 our shifts have been really hard to get through. Bottomline(s): Even though you may live comfortably, depression is something you may never be able to escape. Still, I don't see why that should hinder me and others from just being... nice. Sure, I may lose my cool sometimes, but I'm always willing to apologize for it. I just don't understand why some insist on being an asshole when I have been through shit, but still wanting to be understanding. People are different, but jerks are the types I'll never understand nor accept. You may argue (talking to everyone now) that you've been through a lot worse and that's why you are a complete douche, but I still don't think that's an excuse. I don't have anything against people who lived a healthier childhood than me. Just be nice and not ignorant! If you read all of this, thank you for your time. And to those who don't care: Don't contradict yourselves by replying: "cool story, bro", "who cares?", "you expect me to read this shit? (it's like they never went to school)" etc. Doing that, is an act of a jerk. Those who truly don't care, do not read nor reply.
    10 Nov 2015 20:56
  • joe: Thank you for your continued patronage. In regards to trash talks - honestly, I don't pay any mind to trolls in the web. They can't put anybody down if the person they're trying to put down doesn't even know they exist. I mean, it's the internet - everyone gets to say what they want to say without being responsible for it. If they can be cruel on the web, just imagine what kind of person they are in actual life. I'm not even talking just about this blog, I'm talking about cyber bullying in gener...
    al. Common sense rule is people can't affect you if you don't let them affect you. It's just sad that with a community like this, people still pick PETTY and unhealthy arguments against others and really, it's massively childish. I mean if you're a snot-nosed kid maybe that's fine although frowned upon. But a behavior like that from an adult by age? Geez, hope they don't pass that on when they reproduce. Internet etiquette people - if you can't be nice or be at least constructively critics about stuff, don't start a flame. It's a waste of everybody's time. Anyways, that's just what I think about that since you mentioned it. As with the other pixxx sites, I honestly don't know how they do stuff out there. They could be doing stuff completely differently from what Lexus and I do here. We always aim for a healthy community but we need the members' help to keep away the negative vibes some people bring over. Let's keep it clean, people. *Yup, i have your request. And it's already one of the stuff I'm working on at the moment. You'll see it soon enough. Hopefully, I won't dissapoint. Cheers!
    10 Nov 2015 14:34
  • joe: Thank you. :)
    10 Nov 2015 14:19
  • zbober: Disappointed with lack of visible nipples
    7 Nov 2015 22:05
  • Starbiter: Awesome job as usual. I think out of all the characters you draw, your renditions of Rangiku are always my favorite (with Karin, Riruka, and Orihime following close behind of course). Keep up the good work Joe-san!
    7 Nov 2015 04:38
  • Westes: It sure does. I wish to tell you something: I was planning to take a break from my HK subscription again because of the outright broken community over at Narutopixxx. But I got over it rather quick (somewhat) with the help from Lexus fulfilling my Halloween request. And honestly, I really can't stand those jerks over there trash talking without someone standing up to them. It's also a shame it takes so long before comments show up there when I wish to get my point across quickly. It's also re...
    ally wierd the they say our comments are awaiting moderation, so you'd think they read through them before approving. Then why are harassing and negative comments showing up? Are they seriously approving negativity? Can't neither rex or Darwin remove comments? I'm still hoping the comment section over there will be only for members one day. My subscription ran out today, but I renewed it right away. Because you guys deserve it. You're providing us with awesome erotic art from our favorite series, and I'm grateful for that. I only wish people would stop insist to communicate with each other in an unhealthy way. Perhaps it is actually healthy for them to spread negativity and make other people depressed. Who knows, it's something I just can't grasp. The things people shouldn't say to demand respect and trust. They won't even listen when people go out of their way to explain things. I can only sum it up as a horrible trainwreck, and it happens so often it's hard to look away. Bring yourself up by bringing others down, I guess. You may be arguing that people like me try to bring others down when I argue with them, too. As hard as this may be to believe, I'm really trying to bring them UP. But evidence and truth are the deluded's greatest weakness. Ah... if only I could simply convert my heart to Bleach(pixxx), but (sadly) it will always remain with Naruto(pixxx). I recently posted a new request to you Joe. I hope you'll check it out and see if everything is functioning. That's it for my preaching. Thank you for reading, and later.
    6 Nov 2015 19:51