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BLEACHPIXXX Covers 02: Bleach Beach Summer 2015

Tags: Unohana Retsu, Unohana Yachiru, Beach Bitch, Bleach Beach, BLEACHPIXXX Covers, Summer, Beach,

4 May 2015
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  • joe: You think? Hmmm. I had the impression Kubo draws most of her females skinny. But I'll take note of that and observe more closely. Thanks.
    5 May 2015 17:35
  • joe: I didn't. I just chose not to include it here as I think it wouldn't go well with the bikini. And one thing I've observed - on the image I used as reference for her bikini (the episode at the beach), I noticed that the scar isn't there too. From what I know, the scar should be right between her collar bone. I'm guessing Kubo hasn't thought of that storyline with Unohana yet? I dunno, I could be wrong. After all, I'm just at episode 27 with Bleach and I'm still catching up.
    5 May 2015 17:34
  • joe: Lexus previously announced an absence that would span roughly about 2 weeks or so. Rest assured, Lexus will be back and along with that, a bulk upload most likely.
    5 May 2015 17:30
  • joe: That I'm not quite sure of. I haven't gotten a chance to ask Lexus about that. Like what was said, it could be a couple of weeks.
    5 May 2015 17:28
  • Don: so we will not see any pics from lexus till the end of the month?
    5 May 2015 16:12
  • F.man: you're doing great but the site became Joe pixxx .. Where's Lexus ?? .. Is he/she ok ??
    4 May 2015 22:52
  • Celto: You forgot about the scar below her neck that's normally hidden by her braid.
    4 May 2015 21:35
  • darkskinlover18: Her face is pretty but she is way too skinny. Her body is pretty hot on the series, here she's looking as a Teenager.
    4 May 2015 19:19