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BLEACHBEACH 2015: Yuzu's Summer Tease

Tags: Kurosaki Yuzu, Solo, Bleach Beach, Summer, Sun Dress, Sun Hat,

1 July 2015
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  • KRMeiterumilover23: Good job.
    10 Aug 2015 00:56
  • Lexus: <strong>It's pointless :p we do not have time for that shiz biz, so stop making assumptions. :p
    3 Jul 2015 02:15
  • joe: You expect me to have an answer for that? Really?
    3 Jul 2015 00:02
  • joe: What I find amusing is the fact that you seem to be suggesting that I vote for my own works when number one: artists can't. Number two: even if we can, it's pointless - even I don't see the benefit of refreshing a web page and re-voting more than a hundred times just so we can see a high vote rate for an image. It's a waste of time and we don't get anything extra even if it that does happen. The voting just simply tells us how many people like what they see. Me doing it myself would be counter-p...
    roductive. If I did that, I'm simply just lying to myself. Number three: I have loads of work to be done here and outside of this blog and don't really have the time for that sort of crap. It's obvious you don't like my work and that's fine - I'm not gonna lose any sleep over that. I know what level my works are at and I have no illusions of grandeur. I just do what I do. What I don't see is why YOU would waste time just to channel so much dislike here when most probably not a single person would care including myself. Now, if you were to comment something more productive here like let's say a constructive criticism then I'll probably give a hoot. Otherwise, those are minutes of your life wasted over nothing. Thank you for taking the time though.
    3 Jul 2015 00:01
  • crow: ps: after testing it out, you can vote again everytime you refresh the page. And obviously nobody will waste their time besides you of course.
    2 Jul 2015 20:15
  • crow: Lol if thats the case how come none of the other artists rarely have more than a hundred votes per pic while your pics have over 400 with perfect score. I find it amusing.
    2 Jul 2015 18:02
  • joe: Is that even possible? Is this an on-going issue? And why would someone waste time to do that in the first place? It doesn't make sense. What's the point? Does it get them anything if they do this? Can anyone let us know if anyone can vote multiple times on an image so we can have this reported again to the site admin? Thanks!
    2 Jul 2015 14:35
  • crow: spamming 5 star votes a few hundred times on this this wont help making it a better picture.
    2 Jul 2015 13:51
  • Aaron: gotta love yuzu
    1 Jul 2015 14:26