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BLEACHBEACH 2015: Yachiru's Summer Tease

Tags: Kusajishi Yachiru, Solo, Bleach Beach, Summer, Beach, Beach Babes,

5 June 2015
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  • Olucra: MMMMMMM!!!!!
    9 Jun 2015 18:29
  • Olucra Lee: MMMMMMMM!!!!!!!
    9 Jun 2015 09:14
  • joe: Hmmm. Now that you mentioned it, I can address that to our admin/coders to be checked to see if it is working the way it should be. Though I do not see the point of anyone voting multiple times for a picture. Logging in multiple times just to vote one picture is very tedious especially if the vote reached like over 200 and beyond. I just don't see the point of it. But still, it could be a lag time in the server or some such. We'll have it checked. I think this vote system should be replaced by s...
    omething like a "Like" button instead. It just seems more appropriate, IMO.
    6 Jun 2015 16:20
  • joe: Thanks for your opinion. And no, we don't think Ellery will come back, sad to say.
    6 Jun 2015 16:12
  • Erebos: Possibly, the second. You can vote for the same artwork every time you login.
    6 Jun 2015 09:11
  • Celto: Is the voting system accurate? Some of Joe's images have been getting in access of 200+ votes, with one of them having around 1000 votes not too long ago. Do people prefer Joe's work to Lexus's or is it just the voting system being stupid?
    6 Jun 2015 02:16
  • Haku: Yup. As good as Lexus is I do prefer your artwork, Joe. The best I've seen though is from Ellery but doesn't look like Ellery will be coming back.
    5 Jun 2015 12:01