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Bleach Beach: Un-bra

Tags: Solo, Gewelle Giselle,

18 June 2014
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  • Anonymus: I laughed so damn hard when they revealed that zombie girl who half of the /a/ Bleach community fapped to thinking it was a lil girl got told it is a trap.
    11 Jul 2014 00:18
  • Darkuro: This picture just became completely hilarious in hindsight.
    9 Jul 2014 16:24
  • : She's actually a guy as of chapter 588
    9 Jul 2014 11:53
  • Dildo Daggins: Just discovered in the manga that she's, actually... A MAN! So... this is not the way she looks. But look at the bright side; now she\he can fuck Bambietta.
    9 Jul 2014 11:02
  • Khyle: Man, I feel bad for you after reading chapter 588.
    9 Jul 2014 10:56
  • Erebasu: Beautiful I've had a crush on her since they revealed her power and personality, and if you ask me the look on face fits her personalty for a picture like this of her. But just one question whose bra is that cause it looks too small to be hers if you ask me.
    19 Jun 2014 19:14
  • Russian: Good:)
    19 Jun 2014 00:43
  • Xeos: It was said on your Macallen image that Kubo did a colored page of the steritter girls. Giselle has Blue hair, not navy blue/black/gray. Also is anyone else not keen on the zoomed in version of her in the background? Still a nice image though.
    18 Jun 2014 21:51
  • boss444: change to fairytail oder onepiece pixxx they need you!
    18 Jun 2014 20:16
  • Edwardnewgate: Forgot the tan again xD...
    18 Jun 2014 18:41