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Beautiful Day at the Pool

Tags: Analfuck, Lisa Yadomaru, Ise Nanao, Chad, Bleach Orgy, Kyouraku Shunsui, Yasutora Sado, Stand And Carry, Anal Reverse Cowgirl,

24 September 2015
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  • Westes: Given that Lexus does requests chronologically, I post my orgy/group requests to Lexus with a 1 month gap between eachother, so hopefully, I'm not burdening him too much as an individual member.
    30 Sep 2015 04:27
  • PinkHair: I completely understand. Which is why it would be good to just create lineart or sketches with no color for patreon donaters. But I understand completely. And Ferds doesn't seem to be prioritizing wisely.
    29 Sep 2015 03:04
  • Celto: I'm not sure if you're aware, but the artist for FairyTail Pixxx (Ferds) Has a Whentai account and a Patreon page. He spends all his time doing commissions on Whentai and due to that, FairyTail Pixxx has had BARELY any updates over the past two months. Of course it all depends on the work ethic and commitment of each artist. Lexus spends quite a while on each request because of how good his art is and how long it takes to finish it to such a high standard.
    26 Sep 2015 09:36
  • PinkHair: Four different characters and the solar-flares allows camera angle to pop into a unique perspective and you keeps it true to the anime feel. Keep up the great work. Lexus, in addition to you working for HentaiKey - wouldn't it be great to also get a patreon page, where people from this site can personally fund & support you if they want extra goodies that you can't provide on BleachPixxx. Of course, HentaiKey would have to agree to allow you to publicize it, but I think it would be a wast...
    e to not do this. The quality of your art can pull in allot more money for you.
    26 Sep 2015 05:10
  • UzumakiFan: Excelent work saint hands, your updates are TOP updates it's still a shame they keep your talents restricted to bleachpixxx when you could do alot better on sites that are in need like Fanpixxx and Fairytailpixxx. And Lexus I've left a comment on your whentai profile when you have some minutes to spare PLEASE check out you'll laugh ALOT I guarantee you :D. Even if you can't reply just...read
    25 Sep 2015 16:22
  • McBootyPirate: Hey, no problem man. We appreciate the effort to even draw these orgy pics in the first place. They're an extreme rarity at NPixxx nowadays.
    25 Sep 2015 04:35
  • Bleachigo: High heels, same positions, anal... No way am I to beleive that different guys are continually requesting a deja vu pic style.
    25 Sep 2015 03:25
  • Kuchiyose No Jutsu: A-arigatooo Lexus-San i really loved my request thank you very much. You only forgot to draw Nanao-Chan without top bikini it suppose to be on the floor but you can simply remove it and for Lisa see if you can move her top bikin aside to expose her nipple and breasts some more please? this is all, everything else is just perfect and i loved girls expressions as well specially Lisa's :). Thanks i'll keep my support to you and the site for some more time. And if you want to paint girls nails yo...
    u can go ahead because i know some people enjoy it as well so let's to please everyone :) feel free to use the colors you wish. Great work my friend i'm very happy thank you again i'll sure request more pictures like this later.
    25 Sep 2015 02:28
  • Hentaifan: What happen with my request Lexus, please too much time!
    25 Sep 2015 02:06
  • Deathstroke: This is a very nice picture Lexus probably one of your best works so far, the details you put on tan lines exactly as follow the bikínis is just amazing and nice to see, no wonder why so many members comes here to submit you requests with tan lines and heels included, because you are VERY GOOD drawing them but for the shoes i seen you drawing better then this one :). It even inspires me to come here and request you tan lines and heels hehe. Just a quick comment about your comment... i underst...
    tand you accept requests like gangbang, orgy 3-4 some etc it's nice of you but i think you should put a limitation of how many characters and how often you draw pictures with 4-5-6 more characters and also members should use the good sence and try to make their requests using less characters, 2-3 characters at MÁX. once in while 4. Orgy and gangbangs are nice to view but hard and slow to draw and take alot time of the artists. As it was told before a single picture with 4-6 characters included is like drawing 2-3 more pics with 2 and even 1 character for different members than only one. Members gotta to understand that and start thinking about artists too helping them requesting 1 or 2 characters and try to AVOID SPAMMING them with multiple requests(for exemple same member post 2-3-4+ requests for same or both artists). Now to conclude i think you should start resume gangbang and orgy pictures to 2 or 3 per month máx., because if you keep doing that and acceping every single gangbang and orgy picture people won't stop asking then you should put a limitation of how many characters you are able to accept, even why i think HK don't pay you enough to draw pictures with 6-8 more characters included... I'd like to apologize people for the long posts i'm writting these last days i'm just trying to get people to understand some stuff and use some good sence when posting their requests. Thanks by reading and have everyone a nice night/day.
    25 Sep 2015 01:04
  • Don: a good group pic is always worth waiting for and this is pure gold thx for the awesome pic and the awesome request! ;)
    24 Sep 2015 23:05