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Bambietta's Ride

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12 June 2015
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  • samefag: Don, you are Lexus1Fan and a lot of more names! Get the pixxx sites in peace piece of shit!
    18 Jun 2015 04:44
  • Don: *opening the troll cave* i like the way lexus draws high heels and tanlines (and i seem not to be the only one) so why wouldn't i request it? btw i never requested something like that from rex because it wouldn't look that good with his art style become a member and request what you want for yourself hidan aka EVA-013 ;) *closing the troll cave*
    15 Jun 2015 02:19
  • Lurker: Heels on the beach? That's odd.
    15 Jun 2015 01:14
  • Lexus: <strong>THATS okay! the reference given to me gave me the same reaction. no worries
    14 Jun 2015 22:59
  • EVA-013: Cowgirl position Tan-lines High heels And then asking modifications I haven't any wish to comments another Eddy's win here and how lexus keep drawing requests only for the one special member
    14 Jun 2015 18:06
  • Haku: No it's not the colouring thats off. The proportions of her breasts and thighs don't seem right, the seem too big, and I don't think her face looks quite right. Her eyes are too narrow and they seem to be too far apart.
    14 Jun 2015 07:27
  • Haku: She looks like she's taking a crap. I don't mean to sound rude and I mean no offence but I think Joe would have done this pic more justice. Something about the way Lexus colours make it seen very artificial
    14 Jun 2015 07:22
  • Zelos: Can never get enough of Bambietta. Very Nice!
    13 Jun 2015 23:25
  • Hidan: Shut up Edwardnewgate!
    13 Jun 2015 20:10
  • Don: thx, good to hear^^ but lexus fulfills them extrem good too :)
    13 Jun 2015 19:54
  • WakeUpKiva: The best view for Bambietta
    13 Jun 2015 18:18
  • GoP: AWESOME! dat view man... is a killer one
    13 Jun 2015 05:56
  • we dem boyz: Yes Don you always have Great requests
    13 Jun 2015 04:25
  • xxxLover: My request, please Lexus is time!
    13 Jun 2015 04:04
  • Don: you didn:t see lexus last two pics?^^
    13 Jun 2015 01:33
  • Celto: It's not really criticism before anyone get's angry, but what's with the lack of actual cum or creampies rather than just transparent fluids Lexus?
    13 Jun 2015 01:17
  • Don: i so wished you had used her high heels from "Quincy Effect" or from "Cum at me Bros" with open toes and higher maybe you can fix it when you have time (i know you are pretty bussy at the moment so dont rush) otherwise this picture is even better than i imagined, her face is awesome and you can even feel the heat on her body on that sunny day^^ funny how good you can capture bambieta even so she was never seen in the anime for now all in all awesome work again THX very much for doing my...
    request :)
    13 Jun 2015 00:42