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Bambietta Basterbine Wet Style

Tags: Bleachbabe, Bambietta Basterbine, Solo, Wet Pussy,

30 December 2014
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  • Lexus: <strong>i saw it, its in the wall no worries! :)
    3 Jan 2015 09:57
  • Phl: I posted it in November, I believe, it was on the wall I think but it is not there now (probably because of new requests!). It was a Soifon x Loly yuri request (details are in the request post). Thanks for responding!
    3 Jan 2015 09:38
  • Lexus: <strong>when was it posted? can u see it on the guest wall?
    3 Jan 2015 04:33
  • Lexus: <strong>ok, let me just loook for it in SPAM box again and ill approve it!
    3 Jan 2015 04:31
  • MinervaRules: Yes lexus i still want my request with the modifications i tried to post.
    2 Jan 2015 21:44
  • Erebos: Gorgeous! Bambietta is so cute! And her expression... I'm not sure, if it's seductive or innocent.
    31 Dec 2014 14:27
  • GoP: Ok, I'm officially in love with her 0.0
    31 Dec 2014 13:01
  • hemisphere: although i think most of your pictures look fantastic, this one here doesnt really look like bambietta.
    31 Dec 2014 09:21
  • Phl: Very nice! I hate to ask here but I dont know where else to post, just wanted to know if my request made it through the spam filter. I read that there were issues with that and wanted to know if I needed to repost it, thanks!
    31 Dec 2014 08:24
  • Don: very nice now i deffinetly have to request a pic with her too in january^^
    31 Dec 2014 03:06
  • Jear: Beautiful pic, Bambi-chan looks very cute and lovely.
    30 Dec 2014 21:42