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Tags: Sode No Shirayuki, Ichigo Hollow, Kissing,

25 July 2014
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  • Nameless: Lexus this is awesome!.... can you please make a ryona Pic for Sode no Shirayuki alone and nude? id really appreciate it
    21 Aug 2014 19:09
  • Nameless: Looks Awesome!..... though can someone please make a ryona version of sode no shirayuki (alone and nude) would love it
    21 Aug 2014 18:43
  • Zelos: This is ART! Love this Lexus!
    25 Jul 2014 19:45
  • Lexus: <strong>aye! will do! im very sorry for the confusion ^^;
    25 Jul 2014 19:27
  • Zampakuto-Lovers: Thanks!! I really would like another version
    25 Jul 2014 19:19
  • Lexus: <strong>whoah ! I didn't notice that! im sorry! I got confused..I could make another version if you want, just let me know!
    25 Jul 2014 19:02
  • Zampakuto-Lovers: Hi Lexus. In my request I had asked him to do to Zangetsu's black hair with Sode no Shirayuki (because both are zampakutos). And you did to Ichigo-Hollow. That's not what I had requested. I had given him this description of the characters: img3.rule34.xxx//images/398/b585c4187ab6a21d95aea3c43406a9da3c7a2d5f.png?397197 If you like you can check my request
    25 Jul 2014 18:11