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An Ice Cream Surprise Pt. 2

Tags: Hardcore, Anal, Analfuck, Hardcore Hentai, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Reverse Cowgirl, Hitsugaya Toshiro, Hinamori Momo,

29 September 2014
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  • Blaise: I won't lie, I had to focus on the picture to realize this wasn't Ellery! I really thought this picture was from Ellery's which is weird since you both have different art styles, but I think it's due to the lighting in this one. Good job Joe, I think you've improved at a much faster rate than I would think, consider trying to do like Ellery did and adjust some contrast to your pictures. I believe you use Paint Tool Sai, so if you do try Contrasting and Color Deepening your pics just a little bit...
    (I personally think it makes pics look better by a TON) If you're not sure how to, just go to: Filters> Brightness and Contrast
    30 Sep 2014 00:27