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Tags: Cum, Threesome, Orihime Inoue, Creamed-hole,

4 June 2014
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  • Lexus: <strong>well so far, issues lies with just the pubes XD haven't encountered anyone suggesting something about wet or non-wet etc. But i agree with your suggestion, maybe me and Joe could plan something out ;)
    5 Jun 2014 10:08
  • GodOfPeace: epic!
    5 Jun 2014 09:02
  • Daytime: I think I can agree with Xeos, although I'm not a fan of pubic hair (but I'm okay with that). Maybe Lexus or Joe can make multiple variants of each new pixxx to suit different person's taste, such as pubic hair or no pubic hair, wet or non wet, with or without semen and so on by keeping them in separate layers. I understand that each pixxx is based on member's request and making additional variant require more works, but this is just my suggestion though.
    5 Jun 2014 05:04
  • Gambit: This might be the hottest orihime pic damn.. Everything┬┤s perfect
    4 Jun 2014 20:41
  • Me: No, you're definitely in the minority there. There's a reason why pubic hair has become increasingly rare both in hentai and real life. Maybe the more mature chicks can have it, but definitely not Orihime or most others.
    4 Jun 2014 19:23
  • Hitsuguy: Brilliant masterpiece excellent artwork Thanks so fucking much lexus for this one Dammit I love it so much ;)
    4 Jun 2014 19:02
  • Gin: I love her expression
    4 Jun 2014 18:45
  • Kiddo: Lexus, don't listen to this fool. Only add pubic hair if the requester asked for such detail, not some wannabe viewer who has never been a paid supporter ever. Lexus, if you know what this guy does behind closed doors to all HentaiKey images, trust me, you'd never allow any of his comments through, ever.
    4 Jun 2014 18:43
  • Kagutsuchi: I totally agree with Xeos. Girls having pubic hair makes the art more realistic. Shaved vaginas let them look too childish and unappealing in my opinion.
    4 Jun 2014 18:36
  • S.Star: Finally Orihime in a gangbang $^#* yes!!
    4 Jun 2014 18:00
  • Xeos: Can we have some Pubic hair on the girls please? It seems to be put on the guys near enough all the time but not the girls. Not only does it allow for you to draw the girls who don't look over 18 as they normally look like, but a lot of people actually like hair on the girls. At least add it from time to time.
    4 Jun 2014 15:35
  • punisher: Love her boobz...and the pic overall is great
    4 Jun 2014 15:14