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Tags: Doggystyle, Doggy Style, Doggy, Sajin Komamura, Orihime Inoue,

17 December 2014
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  • Don: privacy problems? sounds like you are coloring your pics in an internetcafe^^
    22 Dec 2014 00:06
  • Lexus: <strong> I am alright! Thank u for the concerns.. Im just having the same probs..I do have alternative ways to color my pics but I always end up doing it by batch cause of privacy issues. Hopefully my laptop wont act up again till i get a new one. Enjoy the holidays dude!
    21 Dec 2014 23:33
  • Don: maybe his pc broke again but some kind of news or something like that would be great i mean he and rex are the main reason i'm a member...
    21 Dec 2014 17:21
  • Xeos: Lexus has been missing for over a week now, and this has happened several times recently. Is he alright, health wise?
    20 Dec 2014 21:37
  • Xeos: No update from Lexus in well over a week, and this becoming a reoccurring thing lately. Is he alright?
    20 Dec 2014 03:15
  • ...: How is bestiality like this allowed for requests? *pukes*
    19 Dec 2014 19:44
  • Aaron: This is too much like Lexus' drawing style, which is very good of course, but I prefer your unique drawing style. I hope this change isn't permanent.
    18 Dec 2014 18:45
  • loop: Joe your skills are getting growing.
    17 Dec 2014 22:41
  • Xeos: Genuinely thought this was Lexus's work, I'm impressed. You still need to work on the eyes though, they're too blury and dark that it's hard to tell what color they are. Apart from that this pic is amazing.
    17 Dec 2014 07:34