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kurotsuchi nemu fucked
Posted on: May 6th, 2009 by Admin 9 Comments
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This doll has proved it's worth to its master. Being Kurotsuchi Mayuri's assistant, all I can say is - Nemu can be the hottest bleach babe out there. I made a pinup today showing Nemu getting a hard nice fuck on her tight pussy. Bleach girls at its best - serving more hardcore in the longer run. It's amazing how they construct the character's role. It's just easy to interpret and imagine how these juicy babes are getting drilled by the minute. Anyway, i hope you enjoy the artwork. Let me know what you guys think
first attempt kukaku shiba
Posted on: April 28th, 2009 by Admin 10 Comments
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Only few people get to appreciate this character from bleach. I wonder what makes it so? This ill-tempered fireworks expert possesses immense spiritual pressure when needed during combat. Even if she has no right arm (which is unexplained why), this babe can still be notorious. I’ve made my first attempt to this bleach babe.

I know... I know.. of all the characters why i picked her... I just can’t get her off my pervy head. Anyway here it is (notice her whole right arm is still in place). - let’s just say that’s her younger times enjoying some few grinding somewhere. hehehe. What do you think?
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