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Posted on: December 17th, 2017 by Joe 5 Comments
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Requested by phllbrun. I'm now prioritizing holiday-themed. requests all the way until the end of January.

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5 Responses

  1. HarleyXQuinn says:

    Then how about upload all these finished the Halloween requests on others sites like Hinatapixxx or Fanpixxx. It’s still better than nothing and reposting your an old pics on Narutopixxx

    • Joe says:

      I could try to do that for the meantime, sure. Not a bad idea. Although the images really ought to be uploaded to each respective site.

  2. Steffxxxhentai says:

    I hope you fulfill all the Holiday theme requests I really do, instead do like Lexus who got the people to subscribe and submit him a lot of requests do some then disappear leaving tons of requests behind and abandoning the sites.

    Anyway I’ll send mine and see what happen.

    • Joe says:

      Don’t worry. I plan to do all holiday-themed requests all the way to the end of January. I finished all the Halloween requests on my end too though they’re mostly Naruto requests – can’t upload them on my own though since I have issues with my log in over there but I’m able to upload just fine on any other pixxx sites.

      • dragonshiryu says:

        And that is said hehe, yeah that sucks man he done some including mine lucky me huh but other were completely forgotten. I hope do so as well because i remember i sent request for mr. Joe here for naruto and so far nothing almost an year has passed since i’ve sent yet so far nothing…let’s see if this one is done.

        Lexus pratically quit HK to work on his patreon, so if you guys have any request submited to him you can forget about it :(

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