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Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by Joe 7 Comments
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Who's ready for a boobjob?

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7 Responses

  1. Jijio says:

    So I guess, that the new suggestion system is the main reason why you gonna come back to Narutopixxx because you got many Naruto themed requests in this new unified request box for all sites, right ?
    And I want to know, from now artists will be prioritet the requests from that new suggestion box or they will be keep working with the requests from classic suggestion boxes of every site ? Honestly I have no idea how the new unified request box will be work with the current suggestion boxes for every sites and how members needs to make their requests to you artists fulfilled it ?

    • Joe says:

      Hi, Jijio. I explained this on my reply to Phllbrun on the “Captain Kuchiki’s Leash” post. You can refer to that. It’s too lengthy to explain again. So yeah, once the unified request system starts on all sites, I guess you’ll see me posting everywhere depending on the request I receive – and that includes NPixxx. So the process goes like: member adds a request – adds anime and artist they want, request goes to the unified request box to be queued, artists work on their request in chronological order based on member, artist finishes request and posts it on the respective pixxx site (NPixxx for Naruto requests, BPixxx for Bleach requests, FTPixxx for Fairytail requests, etc.). Hope that clears that up.

      • phllbrun says:

        Hey Joe, quick questions (I promise this time).

        Should we be using just the FanPixxx suggestion box since it is on the new system, and selecting bleachpixxx on the drop down list if we request bleach characters? Or should we continue using the different sites for now?

        Will we be able to see the que like we can currently for the different sites (fanpixxx’s que hasn’t updated since the new box was implemented so I have no idea if it is working)?


        • Joe says:

          For now, you can follow the usual way to request. We (artists) still don’t have access to a unified database for requests so we still have to go to each site to access every request for us on that site. As I’m in Bpixxx now, I can only see Bpixxx requests for me and nothing else. The new system is yet to be polished.

  2. Viper says:

    Valentine is over man! Make regular hentai and the requests.

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