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My New Puppet

Posted on: October 28th, 2016 by Joe 15 Comments

Requested by musakou. I'm starting to think that Giselle is a hermaphrodite. I just don't know what the intended sex of that character is.

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  1. HentaiLuv says:

    Have you heard of Futanari?

  2. Futa Lover says:

    Please make a FutaPixxx site.

  3. Joe says:

    LOL! Guys, chill out. Few things to consider here:

    - Giselle’s gender isn’t really as clear as the other characters are. Especially to me who haven’t read that part of the manga yet.

    - This was a specific request and the requester did say that he wants Giselle as a dude so gotta do that either way. As with the body type, I think that’s also part of the request.

    - The image is a request so we go with whatever the requester wants with the image.

  4. Nimbusz says:

    First of all giselle is not a guy, second even if he is he is not this muscular.

  5. Unknown877 says:

    Gewelle is actually a female.

  6. Hmm says:

    No, Gewelle is a girl as the Author put it as a female.

  7. Coltsguy says:

    Don’t worry. Pretty much everyone is up in the dark since the creator never set the record straight. All we have to go on was the statement made by Ikkaku. No other evidence exists that Giselle is a guy.

  8. Shussy says:

    Giselle is in fact a male, but looks and pretends to be female. I trust Yumichika’s sense of smell lol

  9. Ikr says:

    Oh gawd no, don’t ruin it for me xD T.T

  10. stranga says:

    this really doesn’t look very good, largely on Giselle’s part, them having all that muscle and abs looks very out of place. That body doesn’t look like it would be Giselle’s.

    Giselle is pretty much a trap, two characters calling her out on being male. So a more feminine, trap body would have been better.

    do find the whole her doing it with Orihime to be a good concept, just wish it was done with a different body depiction of Giselle

  11. Cody says:

    Nice job

  12. Westes says:

    Maybe she’s (or is it he) like Poison from Final Fight. Whatever. I don’t think I’ll request this character anytime soon anyway.

  13. kumekazu says:

    Very good pic.

    I think Giselle is a transvestite,or a cross-dresser,or just a guy who wanted to be like a woman.

  14. D.ani says:

    i i haven’t read the manga but from what i find nobody exactly knows.
    oh and nice pic thanx

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