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modified souls having some fun

Modified Souls Having Some Fun

Posted on: December 16th, 2015 by Joe 10 Comments

Requested by Noodles. Took me a while to finish this. Hope the perspective is passable. And before anyone throws stones at me, the nail, eyeshadow, nipple piercing are part of the request. Also as a reminder to all, as part of our fairness rule --- whenever a request has 3 or more characters involved, we count this as two requests (and is counted as two in our workload too) which would in turn, take a while for your next request to be made. This is to be fair to other requesters and to us artists as well as this also takes up more time to make, as I'm sure everyone is already aware of. Thanks!

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10 Responses

  1. Mortuus says:

    Joe no matter what you guys draw there’s always will have a troll here to troll on your pictures you guys know that very well and as long as the comment section for all sites are open for non members or better saying TROLLS comments you guys will never be free of it.
    I just hope that another ‘new system’ comming for next year includes comments section off for trolls that is the only way to put an end on all trolling for pixxxsites because 97% of the bitching comes from non members that do nothing but to bother artists and ‘bullying’ paid members. The reason why pixxx community sux is because trolls has access to it, HK is the only one paid site I ever seen on ethernet that keep comments open for non members and that’s what makes this community terrible.
    And about the picture good work this Ririn gorgeus and hot.

  2. nayoop says:

    Wow, very nice pic . Goodjob joe.

  3. Chris says:

    So where do we give artists like cyberunique the credit for the original concept and work?
    Yes, tracing happens but give the basic nod to the artist that did the groundwork.

    • Joe says:

      Oh? Sorry. Don’t know who that is. A reference image was provided by the requester and that’s what I used. Whether it belongs to this cyberunique person you’re talking about or not, I don’t know. Instructions where specific so I don’t really know what the deal is with your assumptions. There are times when I do “trace” skeletal framework for complicated poses and I would admit it because there’s no shame in it but this is not one of those times. I guess I WOULD credit the artist who I used the reference for IF 1) I knew them and 2) it was an idea that came FROM ME to begin with. Take note that the reference was provided and I did not search for it by my own volition.

      • Celto says:

        I really do think it’s time that the claim “100% original artwork updated daily!” in all the Pixxx sites banners should be removed. Using references which has been a thing for many years on these sites clearly goes against that statement.

        False advertising is something HK doesn’t want to get into, considering the circumstances they’re currently in.

  4. kekm8 says:

    wanna mention also that is traced from a narutobomb’s artwork ?

    • Joe says:

      No. Because it was not. However, the reference provided by the requester did have narutobomb’s watermark on it so there’s that. Though I have no idea who made that image. The requesters’ instructions were very specific and I followed the reference to the letter. The images are similar only because the requester wanted it to be.

  5. T-turk says:

    Nipple piercing… rly? Well there is always PS I guess.

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