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10_fuck the teacher
Posted on: September 21st, 2015 by Lexus 16 Comments
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Requested by Kirito-kun. EDIT: ISHIDA instead of ISSHIN/ Black board writings, did not include the table still because i dont want to cover their bodies, hope u understand.

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16 Responses

  1. Westes says:

    So the names got mixed up? It goes to show that we all should write the character’s full name when we request them.

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  2. Kirito-Kun says:

    Well the picture is not as i expected and you used ‘Isshin’ instead Ishida, forgot the ‘written’ on blackboard, table and a few more stuff but anyway thanks. Perhaps i’ll request again very later once you guys solve this issue of delaying requests because i don’t want wait five or more months for a request on this site. For now i’m done.

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    • lexus says:

      Apologies for the confusion! Already posted the revision.

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      • Usagi says:

        Hello Lexus, You managed to find my request? . You said you would look in the mailbox.
        I put it in late March. I hope you find it.

        Great image. Although kyoraku face is very rare here.

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        • lexus says:

          It wasn’t on the suggestion box, i checked the old request wall, It’s there..MARCH 27, Will prioritize this then. Thanks for reminding.

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  3. Don says:

    this is soooo fucking awesome!
    even the little things like the blury version of the pic on the smartphone are perfect

    it would really be nice to see some more updates from you lexus. Thats no complain, because i better have one high quality pic like this every 3 days than one low quality every day. I just think a little bit more would make many members pretty happy^^

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  4. Celto says:

    As good as it is, anyone else tired of seeing anal most of the time?

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    • GoP says:

      ABSOLUTELY NOT! ANAL is awesome.=)

      GJ lexus!

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    • Bleachigo says:

      yes …i have been telling that for quite some time now…and not to mention this is copycat request of latest hinata pic…guy fucking ass while fingering and two non participants watch…only there artist didnt draw non participants as they were underage.

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    • Sasuke -fms- says:

      Well, I got tired of seeing something in this pic most of the time
      And it’s not the anal

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    • Pain-Sama says:

      I agree with you, vaginal sex is fucking rare on all the pixxx sites sadly… If it would be in real life like on the sites the human species would die. Seriously, isn´t it possible to do a good mix? A real man should love pussys!

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  5. Westes says:

    Only 7 votes on the “Posting Problems/Halloween REQUESTS”. I don’t want say people don’t read, but…

    If you are a member and want focus on Hallown for Oct.- Nov., GO VOTE 5 STARS ON THAT POST. You may have posted a Halloween request for Lexus this year, but chances become very small he’ll do it this year, because he most likely won’t go out if his way to do Halloween requests posted after May(April), unless you have a request in either of those batches and change it to Halloween.

    Again, if you are a member, and have posted a Halloween request after May, GO VOTE 5 STARS ON THE “Posting Problems/Halloween REQUESTS” POST. We barely have 1 page worth of Halloween requests, so unless we get more votes or requests, we can’t expect Lexus to participate in this event which happens only once a year. Even if he gets flooded with requests once we enter October, members who have requests waiting in the batch he was originally working on may oppose the idea. Though, I have yet to see a member say no to the Halloween focus.

    Probably the best way to tell Lexus to not worry about focusing on Halloween, is to go and vote. I’d say Joe will most likely focus on Halloween, be it from requests or his own ideas, but it’s a shame if Lexus misses out.

    Or maybe we have so few votes because you guys don’t want it? Oh well…

    So, Lexus. While not so many, we clealry have people who say they want Halloween focus for Oct.-Nov. Unless many others clearly say no, could you please still consider to focus on this theme, or at the very least fulfill those who have posted one for the year, and go back to your original schedule once there’s no more?

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    • mewtwo says:

      Halloween interrupt the order of the requests and members are still waiting, so fuck halloween and keep with the regular requests :) 5/5

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      • mewtwo(TRUE ONE) says:

        Yeah this nick stealing has become very common on the pixxxes nowadays…

        By the wat i used the (TRUE ONE) just to prove above person is a fake and probably the IP is different than mine so lexus, as you already has my original IP and email is better you save it to avoid issue for the future, though this new suggestion system will prevent you guys from ‘members posting requests over different names’. Thanks to that we have our unique names now.

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  6. HentaiFan says:

    Hi Lexus, please remember my request with Cyan Sung-Sun, too much time waiting.

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