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14_finaly i can dominate you
Posted on: August 12th, 2015 by Lexus 14 Comments
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Requested by Natanek

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14 Responses

  1. S.Star says:

    DAMN AMAZING!!!! I’ve always been a fan of this pairing. This is probably one of the hottest pics you’ve done Lexus :)

  2. UzumakiFan says:

    I predict a WONDERFULL image comming from this one :D

  3. Natanek says:

    thank you very much for doing my request, Lexus. It looks really awesome :)

    I have a question. How much (and what kind of) practice it takes to reach that level in digital art?

    • lexus says:

      no problem!An average of one year i guess.. is tarted digital drawings not so long ago, i had no knowledge in photoshop but when you’re really interested on what you’re doing, you’ll learn faster.

  4. gOp says:

    Fantastic job! Her tit size is absolutely perfect on this one, you’ve nailed it!

  5. coreza121 says:

    Yay more Nelliel, great work as always Lexus!

  6. zbober says:

    Love this pairing!

  7. Kuchiyose No Jutsu says:

    Konnichiwa Lexus-San ogenkidesuka(how are you doing). Just wondering if may i turn back on my decision and send my request a new one by the comment section as you asked last time? I feel submiting a request to you now.

  8. spike1941 says:

    Great bondage style, good work Lexus.

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