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13_happy bday hiyori isane grimmjow kensei
Posted on: August 10th, 2015 by Lexus 10 Comments
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10 Responses

  1. akasukidon says:

    It is very interesting the theme of birthdays is by application or you take to boost the characters well as aid is very great good style I leave to those who comply are month
    I hope and serve you

    1- Sarugaki Hiyori
    2- Kotetsu Isane
    3- Nakeem Grindina
    7- Natsui Mahana
    8- Charlotte Chuhlhourne
    14- Hisagi Shūhei
    17- Franceska Mila Rose
    19- Abirama Redder
    23- Komamura Sajin
    25- Edrad Liones
    28- Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio
    31- Abarai Renji

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  2. I Like BIG Asses says:

    Greetings lexus i posted my request some time ago under ‘Option 2′ i took a peek on the comments and i read something about you guys prioritize those who are adressed to you, the thing is my membership expired today and i had no time to redirect it to you.

    I know it may take some while untill you get to it but could you please be the one to accept my request? i appreciate if you can reply.

    Thanks for your time.

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  3. PinkHair says:

    It’s thanks to this birthday theme that we get a very rare foursome on the same image.
    Lexus is the real deal.

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  4. Shussy says:

    Wow I love it! Finally some Grimmjow! He hasn’t been seen in so long, at least he had a great Bday ;)

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  5. Casualty says:

    Just amazing loving the birthday theme, and noticed it’s been awhile since grimmjow has been on this site. Favorite Espada makes it even better.

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  6. Westes says:

    Dang, didn’t think this birthday theme would be taken this seriously. Ha… if only on Narutopixxx too :(

    Anyway, this is a comment to the both of you. I sent a textsave link to you both, and I would like to have some these questions from the link answered if you’ve got it (you can ignore the part regarding the comment section, since it seems to be back):

    1) Is it okay that you write “Requested by Westes” whenever you fulfill a request from me even though it is my login username that is used when I submit one?

    2) You got my request, Joe?

    3) You got my revision, Lexus? (Forgive me for maybe sending you more revisions about it).

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