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Quick Sex on the Battlefield

Posted on: July 29th, 2015 by Joe 12 Comments

Requested by newuser9965. Sorry the "paint her fingernails dark green" part really wouldn't work because of her gloves. I missed the "winking" part and only saw that one on your request when I was finished rendering the image. Hopefully, this would do for you though. "Big breast mode" also done per request. Hope you like it. Let me know of your feedbacks. Thanks!

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12 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    thank joe

  2. Anonymous says:

    can someone tell me what is she saying in the pic it is to small for me to read

  3. zbober says:

    Funny pic

  4. UzumakiFan says:

    Bad news man he(newuser9965) quit the site and canceled his subscription or premium account as some people says, so we are not going to see him again for some time and maybe not see him anymore. He’s really angry about the site. We are friends in real I’ll thank you for him. So thanks.

    You did pretty good on this picture man just Mashiro’s legs are skinny can you fix? I laugh alot with Lisa face lol good work. Is this background made by you or edited?

    • Joe says:

      Awww, that’s too bad. TBH though, he just put in the request early this month (9th July, to be exact). His request was done quite faster than previous requests that were submitted to us. Others were even done a month later after putting in their request due to the work queue. I don’t think we “ignored” him because we weren’t able to reply promptly to his comments. We’ve requests to finish so there really will be times that we can’t reply sooner but that doesn’t mean we ignore inquiries because we don’t. Ah well, there really will be impatient people out there, I guess. Give him our regards. And tell him we still gave him what he paid for. Maybe you can E-mail him this full res image since you have HD access as well. Thanks!

    • Joe says:

      About the BG, I painted on Lisa’s BG. The main BG, I just photobashed for the process not to take too much time. Doing detailed BG’s will really consume a lot of time.

  5. ThunderFace says:

    Faces are great now (although not perfect)! But there is one problem: boobs. Boobs on your pictures looks really fake. Like first Tomb Rider fake. I really understand that some people like fake tits, but I personally (and other people) like real jugs. I think that if request didn’t stated that tits should be fake, you should make them as real as possible. You should also work with genitalias. I hope that I don’t sound like asshole. I just want for you to get better. You have huge potencial. Don’t blow it!

    TL;DR: You should work with boobs to make them more “real” and with genitalias…

    • Joe says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “fake”. I mean – they’re drawings. Do you mean that their boob size is not accurate? Well, I’m aware of that. Size was intentional as part of the requester’s instructions. Or do you mean that the boobs defy gravity? Thanks for your feedback, though.

      • ThunderFace says:

        What I meant that they look like from plastic surgery if that make sense. They don’t look natural. On some pictures it looks alright but on some, not so much. On some of your older pictures they looked like two balloons connected to chest. Also shape and placement of nipples (and areolas) is weird. It is just MO.

        • Joe says:

          Hmmm. Thanks for that. Don’t worry. I always try to improve based on previous works. I’ll look into that.

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