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Posted on: June 12th, 2015 by Joe 5 Comments

My choice for the cover girl picture for June 2015. Hope you guys like it. Have a great weekend. Will post more next week. Stay safe! ***Edit: I just realized I didn't make a cover girl for May. Sorry, must have overlooked it due to the workload I had. So consider this the cover girl for May instead and I'll post a cover girl for June next week. Ciao!***

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5 Responses

  1. peperana says:

    Next cover can do soifong pls? ty

  2. Celto says:

    The pose she’s in makes this look really good. The nipple sticks out too much though. Looks a little big in my opinion.

    Inb4 all the hate I get for being a non-member.

    Deal with it.

    • Lurker says:

      It’s not because you’re a non-member that some people dislike you.

      “Inb4 all the hate I get for being a non-member.
      Deal with it.”, sounds like someone with an attitude problem.

      C’mon man, you’re better than those who simply bitch.

      • Celto says:

        I don’t like to think of it as an attitude problem, because I don’t have one. It’s more a of a front I’m having to put up because a few members don’t think it’s right for me to voice my criticism on an image when I’m not a member myself.

        I apologize to anyone if it comes of as me being arrogant or anything.

  3. Lurker says:

    Very nice.

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