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Posted on: May 12th, 2015 by Joe 3 Comments
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If time constraints would allow, I'm thinking of making an image with all the Bleach girls I'll be drawing all throughout the summer in one big picture by the end of summer time. Can't promise that, but I'll try. Hope you guys like this.

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3 Responses

  1. Celto says:

    Instead of doing just a big image of all the Bleach girls, you could take things a step further and be even more creative.

    If you can find or would be willing to create a background that’s accommodating enough length wise, you can split it up and dedicate each part of the background to one, two or even three girls and post each of them as a separate image. Then when it comes to completing the last part of the background you split, you’d have multiple images which would count towards your regular posts, and then you can combine them all for the giant image that you were thinking of doing.

  2. Skiel says:

    Her thighs seems a little big. Think u can shrink them a little, including her butt cheeks?

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