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shy girl

Shy Girl

Posted on: April 14th, 2015 by Joe 8 Comments

Thought I'd try a little Hisana...

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  1. ciphwe says:

    Honestly Joe, have to tank you for doing this. You’re doing what you want and it’s a change from some of the repeating characters. Not to mention the lack of drama in the comments, so, thanks.

  2. WakeUpKiva says:

    Amazing! Seems there’s not much Hisana pic lately. I liked the way you drew her breasts size, it totally fits her!

  3. Chris says:


  4. Haku says:

    Joe, I think I like your art more than Lexus’ stuff. Character just seem to be better proportioned and the colouring looks better.

    That’s just my opinion.

    • Joe says:

      It really depends on the viewer’s taste. Most would say Lexus’ works are years ahead (and I would say the same too) compared to mine. I’m inclined to agree because I just started back on doing this kind of style from last year. With coloring, it’s purely subjective. Lexus just shades way differently than I do although I would think we’re using just about the same palettes as most of the colors we use are “eye-dropped” from screenies or images from the web. In any case, thanks for appreciating my works. :)

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