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11_Private hubby show

Hubby’s Private Show

Posted on: March 25th, 2015 by Lexus 19 Comments

Requested by Hentaipixxxfan! I changed your title a bit, Hope its okay! enjoy!

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19 Responses

  1. Skillwert says:

    Totally hot lesbian picture, Lexus my request has published more than three months, you can take a look, thanks :D

  2. Hentaipixxxfan says:

    Just downloaded and requested a new one as for the tittle nah, i dont mind in fact the only thing i mind is this amazing picture :D .

  3. Don says:

    here is my email lexusfan1

    • The-Joker says:

      Gotcha, i’ll send the image for you as soon as ferds done to it. I believe it gonna take a few days or couple week because hes busy atm. So just hang in there mate :) .

  4. Hentaipixxxfan says:

    Thank you very much lexus its much better than i expect, one of you hottest pictures. I didn’t expected you would put Isshin on the mirror lol and you done a nice work on Masaki’s expression i just love it. Everything is just perfect, girls, accessories, scene…Like i said i’m moving to purchasing, download and request a new one :) .

  5. Zelos says:

    Damn nice pic! OMG this is HOT!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Finally, someone who knows how to draw lesbian pics!

  7. The-Joker says:

    This is probably one of your most beautiful artwork here on bleach, i took a peek on this request at the wall, you found a perfect way to fit Isshin on the scene by reflecting him at the mirror. Again so much details that only you could make with so much perfection.

    I dont if my other comment will be approved but i’ll request on this comment too…could you make a tanned version for the tanlines fans please?

    And for last one of my dreams to to get you to make me a few commissions, i could even pay the double of the price you usually gets per every upload here xD. Maybe one day u’ll accept my offer miss.

  8. akasukidon says:

    very good another excellent image would be interesting that that discovered them grabbed with his MOM the girls or ichigo

  9. GoP says:

    the definition of ‘epic’. except that it’s porn-epic

  10. The-Joker says:

    Lexus could you please make a sexy tanned version for the tan lines fans xD? Its easy to edit right?

  11. Hentai-Boy^^ says:

    Why my request isn’t show on the suggestion box? i’ll try to repost again

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