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The Most Powerful Trio Part 2

Posted on: February 28th, 2015 by Lexus 12 Comments

 Requested by Corelia

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  1. Corelia says:

    Thank you, Lexus. I really love this Threesome X3 . Yoruichi has a very warm expression, although next time I would like to see her pussy get fucked

  2. S.Star says:

    2 guys 1 girl always welcome, and serious kudos to the detail of the waterfall on her head. Impressive as always Lexus :)

  3. Sasuke -fms- says:

    The endless august…meh, no one will get it

  4. Don says:

    finally a good pic after the two borring ones

    this looks awesome as hell

  5. Celto says:

    Are Kisuke, Isshin and Kyoraku the only guys you draw because it’s pretty annoying seeing them all the time.

    • lexus says:

      i draw other guys…they are just requested frequently, plus its been some time since i last drew urahara..father and son kurosakis are always the top choices of most requester..

      • Celto says:

        I’m understanding enough to know that they are popular choices in requests, however it then leans towards a buildup of no variety between characters in the images. Lately there’s been a lot of Sui Feng, Unohana and Rangiku in both yours and Joe’s images, and as for the males it’s those 3 I listed above. I know you pick requests from the ones that are the oldest and work your way through, but maybe it’d be best to have a better way to keep things fresh and have unpopular characters get the spotlight some more.

        Also, where are the Flavour of the Month for December, January and February? Have you stopped doing that?

        • lexus says:

          of course We DO that. Me and Joe are trying hard to balance everything out, but the FACT is, if you look into the GUEST WALL for request, its ALWAYS those characters. We are not only focusing on Varieties of Characters, there are other factors we need to consider when we take a request, Like the requester (if he or she had already had a request made this month/date it was requested/etc.. It’s not that easy.. and if we do decide to make rare girls, and its a non-request, which we do from time to time, we ALSO get complaints for other reason.

          as for the flavor of the month, right now we are focusing on requests and finishing them, specially old ones, cause i think they are gonna set up a new way for members to put in their request.

          personally, i think flavor of the month is going to be just the same characters that wins every month..Me and Joe MIGHT think of another Series that will give attention to the other girls in the future. :)

          • Celto says:

            Again I can understand that it isn’t an easy thing to do when people are requesting for certain characters as each person may end up requesting for the same character(s) that another request has listed. You and Joe as the artists do your best to keep things balanced in terms of requests getting done and the usage of characters getting used which is great.

            Honestly the new request method is hectic. It’s caused a lot of debate on Naruto Pixxx because like I said above, the same characters were constantly getting requested.

            As for series, I really hope you do continue the “Creamy Boob” series that Ellery started. It’s a really good one. As for new series ideas, I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

          • Phl says:

            As a not-so-secret fan of Sui Feng, I wanted to point out the her recent popularity is unusual if you look at the dates for her pics in the gallery history. Just wanted to say that so she doesn’t get put on some kind of blacklist (I admit I am biased :P ). There are some pretty long periods where she got no pics!

  6. ichi91 says:

    Omg nice i love yoruichi is so hot getting double fucked hmm but too bad we can’t see her pussy lol.

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