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That Sexy Cowgirl

Posted on: February 17th, 2015 by Lexus 13 Comments

 Requested by Mantel91!

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  1. Haku says:

    Wait she’s dead and a zombie? Hitsugaya as well? Bleach is taking a giant shit all over itself isn’t it? So long as Yoruichi is still alive and well I guess it’s okay but still… I’m not okay with it.

  2. Ero-Shunsui says:

    Gorgeous…and lexus about i have the same ip than other user. So now you checking IP for the requests lexus well that’s new? IP is one of the easier thing to change on net honey. You gotta check the username and email sweetheart. And untill i have my last request here done i’m not supporting this site. And besides instead checking IP for paid members who are supporting the site, i think you should check for the trolling and flamings non paid members and block. It keep poluting the sites accusing everyone being the same person.

    • Kami says:

      You are partially right that IP addresses can be changed at someone’s will, but you cannot choose the new IP address, even if you buy a static one. IP addresses are generally assigned randomly using DHCP to prevent conflicts. More importantly, only one computer can have a particular IP address at once. Bottom line: If another user currently has the same IP address as you, it is you.

      IP checking remains as the most reliable method of determining who is using multiple names. The average person has no idea how to change their IP address.

      Username and email, at least with the current system, can constantly be changed. I can use a different email and name in every single comment or request I make. The emails aren’t even checked, so you can put any fake and random email address you want.

      Finally, there’s absolutely no reason to check the IP addresses of non-
      members, because they cannot make requests and thus cannot cheat the system. Only members can do that.

    • z says:

      if u aint stupid – IP is the best way to trace. yah sure i can use VPN to change my IP – but 2 people can’t use the same IP idiot.

  3. Celto says:

    Any chance of a non-tan version?

  4. McBootyPirate says:

    You know, now that I think about it, Rangiku and Masaki kind of look alike…I think its the hair.

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