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The Beauty of Final Forms

Posted on: January 26th, 2015 by Lexus 17 Comments

 Requested by Plamen356! Sorry for the late updats, I got sick recently. Hope you like this one~! Im not VERY sure about the colors, since im guessing these forms aren't in the anime yet. and this is a 69 request.. so i have to remove Ichigo's thing on his mouth (Mugetsu form), hope u dont mind that either. Rukia's Bankai form is pretty :) NOTE: I'm honestly unaware about these things (please do not judge me right away. we  are trying hard to be equal to every requester and the variations of the girls that are drawn). I usually just check the IP if the  request are mostly the same pose and characters all the time. I cannot CHECK every single requester on the wall every time I grab a request..Although thank you for giving us a heads up on these things! It's just sad to think someone would abuse that and deceive us like that. Starting now, we will TRY and check the IP as well when getting a request so that certain requesters get 1 request a month. A request in that wall is till a requests from a paid member, it still has to be done,, that is why we also encourage you guys to let us KNOW if your request has been there for months or did not show up at ALL. Thank you again for helping us improve the site~ :)

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17 Responses

  1. Yoloyago says:

    What are the 69 requests?!

  2. Dude says:

    It Ichigo x Rukia, it allways awesome.
    I think her colors are good.

  3. Phl says:

    Hi Lexus, I just wanted you to know that the communication is appreciated, its tough to get responses on some of the other sites. Not trying to complain too much but I do hope my request will be done soonish, been waiting a few months now, a lot longer than my first request took. The value for this site is pretty good, but it can get tough for me to justify paying sometimes because I have very particular tastes (I ONLY like solo and yuri pics) so I can go for some time before I get something I like. I still pay because this site is better than most about it. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. MeGustaMucho says:

    Ichigo: This isn’t even my final form.

  5. xxxLover says:

    My request Lexus, please 8 maonths waiting!

  6. Shussy says:

    Hey Lexus, I was wondering what your policy is on male solos? Are they fine here as well?

  7. xxxLover says:

    Hey Lexus what happen with my request? You told me you will do man.

  8. Lexus1Fan says:

    Hey lexus if may i ask are you female? And another thing you dont need explain yourself to anyone specially to NON-MEMBERS, non-members are not paying a single cent to the site instead enjoy the images they come here to troll and flame the members WHO ARE PAYING their membership, of course not all non-members are like this.

    My suggestion is you just ignore these guys, they are just trying to make fun of you. And like you said if a request is on the wall its from a paid member, someone that is supporting your work and the site UNLIKE a few garbage that comes here on HK only for flaming, trolling and dont even support your work.

    There will be always someone trying to make fun of you, or try to use different names for more requests or dis a member just because they didnt like the request someone requested. Its up to you to listen or just ignore them and their requests :) .

    • lexus says:

      My gender is not important in this site. And I prefer not to say..
      Thank you for the encouragement !

      Although you have to admit, Using multiple names to get more requests is also unfair for the other paying members. Me and Joe are trying hard to be balanced in this site in terms of a LOT of things, but it is hard if you guys wont cooperate, keep pointing fingers, and giving the artist a hard time by accusing them of something ridiculous.. then things will stay the same.

  9. plamen356 says:

    thanks so much <3, couldn't imagine you could do it so so freakin' awesome! thanks again (hug)

  10. HagWold says:

    Lexus can make requests oldest too. You are doing the most recent requests and this forgetting of old requests.
    Many are waiting for months and is unfair to pass them and just make the most recent requests.

    • lexus says:

      these are old requests D8
      if u notice these requests recently are requesters that told me that their request has been in the wall for months and some other did not show up so i made them repost it.
      Dont worry though, right now im alternating Old and new request.

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