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Posted on: July 22nd, 2014 by Lexus 14 Comments

Requested by: Jake EDIT: again lol! but this time it looks better XD. waaaay better! Enjoy!

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  1. MinervaRule says:

    A week to end the month and Lexus has only made 9 images, I hope you at least post more followed this last week.

  2. Deux says:

    Loving the attention Unohana is getting. 10/10
    Nice work Lexus!

  3. Sj says:

    It would be awesome 2 see Nel/Bambi/Rangiku. A Espada/Quincy/Soul reaper combo! Lexus makes great 3somes,so i think he could pull it off. Anyone agree?

  4. jake says:

    TY Ty appreciate it.

  5. Ricky says:

    While this seems like a rather arbitrary pairing, this is very well done. Good work, lexus. Now, if they were only wearing heels, this image would be perfect… maybe some lingerie, too.

  6. Lexus1Fan says:

    Hehe no comments xD. Lexus if you take private (like a vip request outside site) i got a job for you buddy, you can contact me by email I do alot commission outside pixxxsites with an artist from here.

    Dont know if i can say his name =p. I wish you could do a work with some chicks for me :) .

    • Kiddo says:

      I found out where you live from your email, dumb-ass. Now I’m coming for you.
      You better hope you commission your request before it’s too late.
      Because when that moment comes as I locate you, you’d wish the email you posted was a fake.

      See you soon. We’ll be good friends, won’t me. See ya soon.

    • Anonj says:

      Let me guess, ben from .hentai?

      • Lexus1Fan says:

        No, hes from pixxxsite, but i dont know if i can tell his name because i dont know if they are allowed to take ‘vip’ requests.

  7. Zarak says:

    RIP Unohana, you’ll be missed T_T

  8. Nadasl says:

    I think it is nice

  9. Blaise says:

    Epic Art as always Lexus, really looks great! I’d like to know, how do you have such tiny lines, these lines are barely visible but personally I think they make your picture much more better. Been using Sai a little lately, so trying to get the hang of a couple stuff.

  10. Xeos says:

    I think it would of looked better if the strap on had the balls as well.

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