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Reunion with my Ex-Captain

Posted on: July 11th, 2014 by Lexus 21 Comments

Requested by : Lauxer. And again, not sure if this is some kind of spoiler... XD;;

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  1. Dildo Daggins says:

    Sooo… Lexus, please, please, PLEASE, search on the internet for Bleach chapter 589 and read it. It’s full of taunts… READ IT! I’ll keep posting this in the comment section on your next pics until you answer me.

    • lexus says:

      ahahhaa!! sure sure XD when my internet connection is better, we had a nasty storm recently so the internet , even the power supply went bonkerz u__u

  2. Don says:

    hey lexus could you do my football request i did with harribel and yourichi? now that germany has won it would be a great idea xD

  3. Zarak says:

    (I HAVE RETURNED AFTER A LONG ETERNAL SLUMBER TO REFILL MY POWER HAHAHA!) this is beautifully done, Lexus is kicking ass as always.

  4. Ham says:

    I love it.
    Are they looking at someone across the room or something? Be funny if they are showing ichigo and (orihime or rukia ) the ropes.

  5. Amaterasu89 says:

    Love your artwork, Lexus. Hope that you make an Ichigo x Rangiku pic soon.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love your artwork, Lexus. Hope that you make an Ichigo x Rangiku pic soon.

  7. Amaterasu89 says:

    I can just imagine the look on Ichigo’s face if Rangiku became his stepmom. lol

  8. Ham says:

    Love it . One question : is someone on the other side of the room or something? Their eyes look like they are looking at something/someone across from them.

  9. Luthor says:

    Holy Shit! Came back with a bang!
    I’m getting a Lexus Hybrid Motorcycle with Lexus’s art plastered all over it.

  10. Zelos says:

    Rangiku is so……Damn she’s beautiful!

  11. Lexus1Fan says:

    I predict Matsumoto as flavor of the month this month =). Another great work, you just forgot the tanline xD.

  12. GodOfPeace says:

    Hey, amazing job as always sir! Quick question; don’t you know anything about Ellery? And you won’t make anymore ‘FT’ pics, right?T.T

    • lexus says:

      wish i could make more ft pics XD, but those are all gonna be decided by the higher ups. and as for Ellery, we still have no news from her as well..:(

  13. Lauxer says:

    Picture really does perfect! Thanks Lexus :D

    Do not worry it is not spolier, because that does not happen in the manga, but I would like it to happen like that here *o*

    • Dildo Daggins says:

      Actually it happens in the manga XD Chapter 529, in Isshin’s flashback (during the which we even learn that Isshin is a Shiba, so Ichigo is a parent of Kuukaku).

      Apart from that… Brilliant job as always, Lexus. Maybe July is the month we finally have a Rangiku Flavour of the Month?

      • Schiffy says:

        >Ichigo is a parent of Kukaku.
        That would be pretty hard considering that Ichigo is only 17 or so. Best guess is he’s a cousin in one way or another to Kukaku, Ganju, and of course Kaien.

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