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My Milk Bunny

Posted on: June 29th, 2014 by Lexus 11 Comments

Requested by: Karasuba. Not exactly sure I got the title right? let me know okay? On a side note...Ichigo why??? he should be flavor of the month!! kidding ofcourse..>w>

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11 Responses

  1. Kyuubi says:

    We need Candice Catnipp

  2. ScreenName says:

    Man, Harribel is getting a lot of love recently… Maybe she can be Flavor of the Month again! Who else wouldn’t like Harribel The Goddess *__* Great job once again Lexus.

  3. Edwardnewgate says:

    Man of the month =Ichigo…I hope see you in naruto Lexus…

    You guys can thumb me down as much as you want xD.

  4. HKUTR says:

    The image is really great, I love Harribel

    But Lexus should take requests containing different characters, tired seeing the same guy in all your images.

    • lexus says:

      yeah, but all requests either contains the same characters or is the same requester =w=
      kinda hard balancing it out. But don’t worry, we’ll work things out eventually :)

  5. Arcaz says:

    Lexus… we love you.

  6. Shussy says:

    Ichigo should be flavor of the month! He seems to be getting all the gals lately haha, looks awesome Lexus! c:

  7. Si-Chan says:

    2 Halibel in a row lucky days

  8. Zarak says:

    hahahaha, Harribel as a Playboy bunny is both funny and sexy as hell, this pic is awesomely drawn and it made me laugh for it’s funny setting.
    good job bro :)

  9. Ichimaru the fox says:

    This combines all of my favourite things, halibell, bunny suits and ass

  10. OveronX says:

    As long as you continue to draw Halibel, the rest of the pixxx sites can go hang themselves for all I care. This is grade A hotness on a scale of 1-10. That’s right, your scale does not give any fucks for conventional numbering systems.

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