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“Climax Moment” done by Darwin [Narutopixxx]

Posted on: June 26th, 2014 by Admin 25 Comments


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  1. Brohoof13 says:

    Ugh. This guy.

  2. BigOtaku2118 says:

    You’re a great artist, Darwin. I can tell by the way the poses are. Still, I think you belong on either Fairy Tail Pixxx or One Piece Pixxx. The style just doesn’t scream Bleach like a few other artists’ do.

  3. Kiddo says:

    I believe Lexus should both be Freelancer.
    Here is what it should be to be more STABLE:

    OnePiecePiXXX – Robert, Darwin (He’s a perfect fit)

    Please guys, I’m being very logical.

  4. Shussy says:

    I think Darwin should go to One Piece Pixxx or Fairytail Pixxx, his art is better suited to those styles

  5. Westes says:

    I’m really impressed.

    For some reason, Darwin’s style just seems to fit with all of the four series.
    However, I don’t want him to permanently move from Narutopixxx, since that’s the series I love the most.

    And believe it or not, I actually don’t care that much about hentai from One Piece even though I think his style fits.

    If he had to move, I think he’d be best of at Fairytailpixxx.

  6. Dildo Daggins says:

    I give an 8/10 for the good will. However, the characters look a bit static and, to be the “climax moment”, it doesn’t look they’re enjoying it at all, especially Ichigo. You, sir, belong to Fairy Tail or OnePiece; those two were awesome, much better than this one.

  7. nats says:

    I think darwin excells at all of these styles fairy tail,bleach ,naruto and one piece..for me ,he even seems to be better than the artists who post there for so long.idk why so many complain about him on narutopixxx,they wont realise what a good artist they had until they loose it

    • kennysama says:

      Agreed. I honestly like ferds, but you should see how people talked about nabe till he left, now they want him back. They talk shit about darwin everywhere despite how good an artist he is, but when he leaves, they’ll realise what they lost. Sure, he’s no rex but the world is not composed of clones and he should’nt have been held to rex’s standards in the first place. Simply put, there can’t be another rex because no sensible artist would want to be a clone of another artist and have his own style and abilities overlooked. Anyway, nice work darwin, as usual. I see you and lexus submitted to all the sites, but those anybody notice that’s hardwork right there? Pfft…

  8. oturan says:

    cant wait to see if rex is able to do as good as he does on narutopixxx with bleach characters assuming he is even participating in this thing i havent seen any rex pics on other sites yet

  9. Kiddo says:

    Darwin belongs on BleachPiXXX with Lexus! Joe belongs on FairyTail.
    Lexus belongs EVERYWHERE! LOL. But seriously, Nice Job Darwin.

  10. Ciphwe says:

    GREAT. Hentai Key is going to fuck everything up again. DO NOT MOVE ANYONE OVER HERE.

  11. Sasuke -fms- says:

    I think his fairy tail pic looks even closer to the anime than this Bleach pic

  12. Hatake says:

    Im on a phone so I cant see exactly how detailed it is, but I think it looks really good, especially for his first bleachpixxx picture, compared to Joes first several pictures. I actually find this one much closer to the anime art style.

    Also, just a suggestion HKey, for these samples you should let use see them in full size

    • Edwardnewgate says:

      Agree, its very close to the anime, like i said lets just wait for the others, i just hope they get rid of Rex once for all.

      New artists for Naruto and One Piece!!!!

      • Hatake says:

        I don’t agree with that.

        I’m not a big Naruto or One Piece fan, I used to like both a lot, but now I find One Piece to be fucking retarded. As far as Pixxx sites go, this site is the only one I really check up on. I sometimes go to Narutopixxx, but i never go to the other sites. But I will say this about them, I think Rex and Darwin are good for it, although I don’t find either of them close to the anime art styles.

        I will take Darwin over Joe though. I am at a bit of a standing, I want Lexus to stay and I want Ellery back, but I like this work of Darwins and wouldnt mind seeing more Bleach stuff from him

  13. Ero-Shunsui says:

    Agree, fine job indeed, lets just wait for the others, but if were to decide right now, i would like to see darwin working along side lexus.

  14. Edwardnewgate says:

    Wow not bad, but its too early to decide just with only one sample, from only one person.

    But i’d love to see Darwin working here along Lexus xD.

  15. Zarak says:

    Darwin WTF?! he’s fine on NarutoPiXXX.

    • Edwardnewgate says:

      He will be fine where the adms think he is, so they will move the artists according to their respective art style and vote results.

      If they judge darwin will be doing better here or any other pixxx site, they will move, no matter what we think or not…

  16. Nick says:

    Leave Darwin in Narutopixxx! He is in a very high level at this moment!

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